Saturday , January 16 2021

The Front Front command announces new guidelines

Destruction of Beer Shams by Rocket Gaze (archive)

Destruction of Beer Shams by Rocket Gaze (archive)

Flash 90

The Front command announced new guidelines after the rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip on Monday afternoon. In the area around the Gaza Strip, residents must remain in protected areas.

In the southwestern region and part of Lakiš locality, residents are bound to stay close to protected areas and protect themselves against the time available. Collecting and gathering in open spaces are forbidden.

"Residents of Netivot and Ofakim are bound to remain in protected areas and residents of Beer Sheva and Ashdod must remain close to protected areas and protect themselves in the time available to them" in their guidelines.

"The authorities in the vicinity of Gaza, southern Negev and the Lika community community were instructed to open shelters, and command instructions at home should be respected.

The 19-year-old man was seriously hurt on Monday because of a dead-near-strike attack near the community at Shaheed Hanegev Regional Council. The shell was hit by a bus, causing it to ignite.

Over an hour, over 100 missiles were released in the communities surrounding the Gulf Coast and heard alarms in the south. In response, IDF battleships began attacking targets at the Gaza Strip, and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is currently conducting security consultations in Kiri with the defense minister, chief of staff and senior members of the defense facility and IDF.

Seven wounded in Sderot: moderately wounded with chafing in the chest and two seriously injured in the fall in the Osama factory in the city. And four more easily wounded. In addition, the Soroka Medical Center evacuated two injured soldiers: a woman soldier from Nahal Oz and an anonymous victim from Netivot.

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