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US envoys will join the establishment of a settlement project in East Jerusalem – Israeli News

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman and Middle East Ambassador Jason Greenblatt will attend a ceremony to open the "Pilgrimage Path" in Silwan neighborhood in eastern Jerusalem, organized by the immigrant association Elad.

The decision of senior US diplomats to attend this event is considered another move by Trump's administration to recognize Israel's sovereignty in East Jerusalem, which the former US administration has avoided.

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Archaeological site of the City of David in Silwano, East Jerusalem, January 2019.
© Amnesty International

The "Pilgrim's Way" is the excavation of a large underground archaeological site that lasts for six years in collaboration between the Association of Sales, the Israeli State Administration and the Nature and Park Administration.

The excavation was carried out through the tunnel, supported by large iron beams under the streets and houses in the neighborhood of Wadi Hiweh / City David in Silwana, not far from Dung Gate of the Old Town.

The digging takes place along the route of the street from the time of another temple stretching from the Siloam pool to the temple top.

The ceremony will be the second time the site will be inaugurated. The first time it was two and a half years ago. Culture Minister Miri Regev participated in the first ceremony and took the opportunity to attack former US President Barack Obama.

Culture Minister Miri Regev on the "Pilgrim's Way", East Jerusalem, February 2017.

"Mr. President Barack Obama," Regev said, "I stand here, on the way Father's fathers walked for thousands of years. There is no other nation in the world that is related to this country. Not Ukrainians, neither New Zealanders nor English. There are no peoples in the world that is associated with their land, as the Jewish people had in the land of Israel. "

The excavation of the street, named on the terrace street or Herodian Street (there are suspicions about the entrance to the street till King Herod's day), is the main project of the Selling Association. Its completion will enable visitors to the National Park City of David, managed by the organization, to walk through the underground passage from the Siloam Basin and come close to the Western Wall.

Underground excavations at Silwana authorities have been thoroughly reviewed from a scientific point of view. Approximately three months after the first inauguration, Haaretz discovered that two senior officials at IAA, Dr. Jon Seligman, head of research and research, and Dr. Gideon Avni, who led the archeological division, sharply criticize excavations. In an internal correspondence discovered by Haaretz, they wrote that the work in tunnels, contrary to the accepted practice, "bad archeology" and added that "power can not be proud of this excavation."

Silvan residents have been complaining for years of damage to their homes caused by excavation of tunnels. Residents pointed to cracks in the walls of the house above the tunnel. In a rainy storm last winter there was a collapse of a few meters of parking space owned by a Palestinian resident in the tunnel dam hole.

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