Friday , October 18 2019
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Watch: Ethiopian community protest provokes a violent turnaround

Tens of protesters taking part in the protest of the Ethiopian community in Tel Aviv on Wednesday night threw stones at police officers at the corner of Arlozorov street and Namir in Tel Aviv.

The rebels also tried to block the traffic arteries, burn the trash cans and throw bottles and objects to the cops. Yasama's police force are in the area and are working on dispersing demonstrations.

Halach's knot was blocked in the south after the police estimated the demonstrators would arrive to the Ayalon Highway.

"The Israeli police respect the freedom of expression of every citizen who wants to do it, but we emphasize that police forces will be required to act against any form of violence, physical and verbal," the police said. "We will show zero tolerance for those who are trying to break the public order and are exposed to dangers for the benefit of the general public.

"We invite all protesters and participants to demonstrate responsibility and restraint to ensure that all expressions of protest are implemented within the law," they added.

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