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Weight During Adolescence Can Affect The Risk Of Adult Pancreatic Cancer – ScienceDaily

New studies link the obesity of adolescents up to four times the risk of pancreatic cancer later in life. The results of the study also indicate that excessive weight and even higher weight within a "normal" weight range in men can increase the risk of pancreatic cancer in a gradual manner. The results were released early online CANCER, reviewed the American Society of Cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is the sixth most common cause of death associated with cancer in the world, and studies have linked adult obesity with increased risk of cancer. In order to discover potential potential adolescent associations, Dr. Zohar Levi, the Rabin Medical Center, and Tel Aviv University and his colleagues analyzed 1,087,358 Israeli Jewish men and 707,212 Jewish women who conducted a compulsory physical examination between the ages of 16 and 19 years from 1967 to 2002. The pancreatic cancer incidence during 2012 was identified by linking to the Israeli National Cancer Registry.

During the median of 23.3 years of follow up, 551 new cases of pancreatic cancer have been identified, including 423 male and 128 carcinomas among women. Compared to normal weight (5th to <85th percentile), obesity (? 95th percentile) was associated with 3.67-fold higher risk of malignancy and 4.07-fold higher risk for women.

Between men, high normal BMIs (75th to 85th percentile) and excess body weight (85th to 95th percentile) were associated with 49% and 97% higher risk for cancer compared with lower normal BMI (? 5th to <25th percentile).

"The total population that can be attributed to pancreatic cancer because of adolescent overweight and obesity was 11 percent among this Jewish Jewish population," Dr. Levi said.

Following the editorial board of Dr Chanan Meydan, the medical center of Mayanei Hayeshua, Israel, emphasizes systemic inflammation caused by obesity as a potential driver for the development of pancreatic cancer.

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