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"You do not know what will happen"

Singer Carrie Underwood has been inspiring fans for years, since she has become famous for the first time American idol, In 2015, the award-winning singer added her mother's title to her resume and gained a whole new base of people who liked to observe her moving into the difficult waters of parenting while being at the center of attention.

Recently, after welcoming her second child, Underwood became more sincere than ever, sharing her experiences with parents and fans everywhere.

Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood Kevin Winter / Getty Images

How did Carrie Underwood become famous?

In 2005 Carrie Underwood won the fourth season American idolA stalwart, talented Oklahoma girl with a huge, gruff voice, Underwood has become popular among people all over the world.

In the past fourteen years, Underwood has stolen many boards and became one of the greatest musicians, regardless of genre. All in all, Underwood received seven Grammy awards, nine CMA awards and fourteen ACM awards. She also received the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In the year 2008, Underwood met Mike Fisher hockey, and sparks fluttered. They went out about a year before they were engaged in December 2009. They married a grand celebration in July 2010 and did not wait too long to start their family.

How many children do Carrie Underwood have?

In February 2015, Underwood and Fisher waited for their son Isaiah. Underwood managed to balance motherhood and work well, and before her son was old, he led him touring with him. Although it was difficult to deceive all of its responsibilities, Underwood said that it really was worth it.

She also honored her husband, Mike Fisher, saying that both of them are trying to pick up the snoozes when the other partner really has a lot of things – so if Fisher has a hockey game, she'll get up and fix everything in the nightmares, and if she has a very early job, Fisher will pick up the slack and take care of it.

In January 2019, Underwood gave birth to another son, Jacoba. It was a particularly satisfying experience to greet their second son, as it turned out.

After the birth of her son, Underwood spoke and found that she had three miscarriages in the years after the birth of Isaiah. She said that she had just reconciled to having only one child before she was finally pregnant with Jacob in 2018.

What advice does Carrie Underwood have for other parents?

Now that Underwood has to juggle with two young children, her priorities have shifted slightly. She recently took part in an exclusive interview and talked about how difficult it was to go from one to two children and to realize that it was impossible to fully plan every opportunity.

In Underwood's view, parents can never really know "what's going to happen next" and that she just tries to live for a moment and enjoy all the little things that come with the parents of two boys.

As to whether Underwood and Fisher could receive more children in the future, Underwood is still optimistic and insecure. She said that it was so difficult for two children to have not really estimated what could still happen and that the current tour would be very busy.

Open and honest statements by Underwood about parenting helped her make a brand new relationship with fans and make her a model for women everywhere – especially women who are fighting parenting or those who have suffered from abortion.

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