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action January 31, 2021, episode progression

Martha and Ramon / Secret

Martha and Ramon / Secret (photo by Mediaset)

Progress bet de Secret from Sunday, January 31, 2021:

Emilia intends to take Raimund to the clinic and includes Matias in her plan. Alicia, after escaping the attack, returns to Puente Viejo. The girl, despite the Archangels taking responsibility for the attack, does not intend to withdraw from the race for mayor (as many other candidates have done), despite the fact that she is also afraid.

Don Ignacio gets an interview with Urruti, but he blames him for everything that happened to him. Isabel tries to get closer to Iñigo, but he leaves her alone in the garden and so the Marquis notices that someone has sneaked into the property!

Martha and Ramon are expecting a baby, but she begs the reluctant Ramon to return to Bilbao and doesn’t seem so thrilled with the pregnancy. Adolfo seems happy about Martha, but in reality he is worried. Isabel unexpectedly visits Jean Pierre, her French lover (and probable Adolf’s father), who asks her for hospitality; she accepts, hiding it from everyone.

Lazaro Campuzano, the twin brother of Eulalia’s dead servant, arrives in Puente Viejo; the man – who finds lodging in Matias’s inn – intends to avenge the death of his cousin and begins to ask questions about Donna Francisco.

Don Filiberto, while remaining in the Archangels, absolutely wants to know the identities of all the other members of the secret group. Emilia tries to take Raimund to the clinic, but Montenegro discovers her by pointing a weapon at her; to save her comes Matias who in turn keeps Francisco under arms!

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