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An intubated woman covered with ants in San Giovanni Bosco in Naples. Us at the hospital

A patient covered with ants at San Giovanni Bosco Hospital in Naples: a Green Complaint

Horror onhospital Sveti Ivan Bosco iz Naples, where a woman was found intubated, submerged by her antsGreen will report it. "After our complaint, Medical Director Giuseppe Matarazzo closed the room of the Department of Cleansing and Cleansing Medicine," said Francesco Emilio Borrelli, Regional Advisor for Green and a member of the Health Commission. Announced NAS Review

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"The woman – continues Borrelli – can not communicate passively suffering from the cruelty of those who have allowed it. At our request, the director opened an internal investigation to make sure it was possible and punish those responsible."

Us at the hospital. Nas Carabinieri (Antisofistications and Health Nucleus) arrived at the San Giovanni Bosco Hospital in Naples after the video spread, in which we see an elderly patient intubated with ants. According to what was learned, the Army carried out an inspection in a room where a woman was hospitalized.

Health Director. "There has been no similar situation yesterday, but in any case, all the procedures have been started to determine the responsibility and the cause of what has happened." Ansa commented on the affair the Medical Director of San Giovanni Bosco Hospital in Naples, Giuseppe Matarazzo. "As he counseled Councilor Borrelli – adds Matarazzo – I continued to close the room and clean and clean the space. The patient was transferred to another room. "According to reports, this is a chronically ill woman who is not a member of the EU, who was supposed to go to the scheduled flight, but taking into account her health conditions, was admitted to the Naples hospital.

President of the Campania Regional Council, Vincenzo De Luca, sent to the hospital the Director General for Coordination of the Regional Health System Antonio Postiglione and the Medical Director of ASL Napoli 1, Pasquale Di Girolamo, for the story of a drowned woman who was hired by mummies. Two, Ansa learn from regional sources, investigating the case, which he met Regional Advisor to the Green, Francesco Borrelli. Research by two health care managers will be rejected for all measures.

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