Friday , April 23 2021

Anas, Gianni Armani Resigns: "Mutated Government Orientation to Fusing the Fs"

Gianni Vittorio Armani, Executive Director and General Manager Anas, resigned. "Director Anas Gianni Vittorio Armani told the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Danilo Toninelli the group Fs Italiane resignation, taking into account changed orientation The Fs Italians and Anas, "said Fs Italiana," thanked Armani for the Executive Director for the work that has been carried out in the restructuring of the company for the last few years ", are still being read, but the Steering Board remains in office.

The transfer of Anas shares from the FS Ministry of Economy was one of the last measures it took Gentile's government, The process is perfected January 18th with the signature of the MF. So a colossus was born 11.2 billion traffic, the first integrated rail and road infrastructure in Europe. July 18 Toninelli has raised the first doubts: "We estimate" the project and "if there is no advantage" to continue, it will be "no problem" to break it and return. July 25 official came: "There
there are still some scientific data, some technical studies, but there is no reason to keep them together, "said Infrastructure Manager.

That was the time of separation in September: "Anas and Fs will not be one company because they are two different and not homogenous legal entities. We will do it in the next few weeks, certainly within the year", Reiterated Minister 12, responding to the hearing of the Chamber's Transport Committee." So far, it seems that the merger is dictated by financial and economic reasons personal advantage for all those managers who have been seen multiply your salary"He added.

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