Wednesday , January 27 2021

at 16 years touches 9%, quorum away. Chaos on the seats

According to the Campidoglio, a 33.3% quorum is far to confirm an advisory referendum for a public bid in Rome. The threshold for achieving 33.3% of those who have the right to vote, but at 16 results is close to 9%.

Referendum Ataca, today another verdict on the case of transportation

Even if the results are still partial (frames are open up to 20, and final data is expected after 21), the distribution of votes is also significant: concentrated more in the center and Parioli, less in peripheral areas such as Tor Bella Monaca.

And the radicals that have promoted the referendum have already triggered the alarm: "In the elections, we receive numerous reports of serious events that prevent many citizens from regularly voting," explained Riccardo Magi, Alessandro Capriccioli and Francesco Mingiardi, promoters of counseling and Simone Sapienza, secretary of Radical Roma .

"In particular, many presidents prevent people from voting without an electoral journal, while the decree clearly states that the identity document is sufficient to access the polls. Moreover, some places are not available to people with disabilities, others are displaced, almost no one has the police. we will all the breaches we will have news, to use them tomorrow at any appropriate place, "they promise.

The magicians spit: "We are afraid of participating!" In the Capitol 5 star (which does not support a referendum) mayor Virginia Raggi went to vote in the afternoon, and in the morning at the polling station and chairman of the Transport Committee, Henry Pentastellato, who called Fb: "After that, how do you think it is important to express your opinion in moments of democratic conflict. " Also Zingaretti, who has never expressed his orientation, and Paolo Gentiloni.

Today's meeting was shared by public opinion: Pd, FI, Unindustry industrial workers, for example, stood for liberalization; M5S, Lega, Leu-SI and Trade Unions for no. The knot that will surely come to light is that minimum voter threshold, so a valid consultation that directly affects the future of ATAC (a municipality that now manages public transport in the capital). The Capitol has formalized the need to reach a quorum of 33.3%; According to the proponents, this would not be necessary because of the recent amendment of the statute that abolished it with the referendum on citizen consultation. Disagreement, based on the time of legal change approval, might come in front of the TAR.


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