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Autostrade, the government: "Just lifting the concession". M5S: no penalties. But technicians are abstaining

The fight for the withdrawal of freight from Italy (Aspi) continues. The M5S said it in all the sauces, and yesterday it confirmed it in a long place of accusation against the Benetton system. Pentastelarians call for the halt of Aspi's public concessions as a "moral duty". And the possible way is to unilaterally terminate the concession, but there would be a risk of paying Aspi, which in the past amounted to some 22-25 billion euros.

In short, the conflict between the government and the Atlantic does not cease to be extinguished. Indeed, to revive it, the report of an interinstitutional working group was established, which was established in the Ministry of Transport's cabinet. "The collapse of the bridge led to the failure to return the assets entrusted to the Autostrade by Italy, which was obliged to return it intact." This is a serious breach that allows unilateral termination of the concession, "the report explains.

Minister Danilo Toninelli explained it in the last days, predicting some elements. "The dealer seriously damaged the maintenance," he said. The words confirmed in the report according to which the collapse "justifies the loss of state confidence in Aspi's work".

The knot remains a fee for early settlement that the government does not intend to pay. And for the government there are reports that derive from the report that "some clauses of the agreement providing for early termination are invalid (or in any case not applicable to the case)". But that is the same report which states that Aspi will in any case ask for them in litigation and it can not be excluded that he will get them. The individual is not insignificant, but Vice-President Luigi Di Maio completely ignored: "The Convention clearly says – wrote on Facebook – Article 9 bis provides that the right to compensation / concession fee exists in relation to the principle of reliance. Faced with serious omissions such as is the Ponte di Genova, where 43 innocent people have lost their lives, it is obvious that this principle is missing, we are moving in accordance with the concession agreement and on the basis of existing contracts, because those who invest in Italy must know that it is welcomed, supported, to respect him, but with the utmost respect for national interests. Let's go further like a train. "

But from Autostrade per ltalia they point out that "the nullity of the clause must be determined by the court" and that he can not, "working group ministries, to establish anything". The report, for Aspi lawyers, has not yet arrived, but reading will not change the state of facts: the dispute is just beginning. It is no secret that this is the topic on which M5s will win the next day. Also, since the next deadline, specifically for the revocation, is July 15. And, as announced by Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio, in the middle of August we want an anniversary of the collapse of the bridge, with the start of the procedure.

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