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Beautiful, New Life Jacqueline MacInnes Wood: "I'm very happy .."

jacqueline macinnes wood was born sonJacqueline MacInnes Wood, the new life of a mother: Steffy of Beautiful story story

Actress and Performer Steffy Forrester in beautiful. Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, he says in an interview with New TV, tells the weekly his new life after the baby's birth to get up, The baby, born March 4, has managed to bring a super-positive light to Jacqueline's life and her husband, Elan Ruspoli, Italian origin. Both of them met by a friend of a celebrity actress, and according to the last, it was a fate. Actually, interpreter The daughter of Ridge Forrestera has never been hidden from the weaknesses of Italy and Italian men. Convolati on the wedding just inside Sardinia. Jacqueline and Elan she gave birth to Rise, a name that was not accidentally selected and that means growth. The actress reveals that the baby is very active and when she wore it on her lap, she could not wait to look into her eyes. A new life for Jacqueline who does not give up on the job. Fans should not be afraid because we will continue to see it in the well-known American soap opera Steffy.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood: Emmy Award for the Day and Choice of Her Son's Name

Joys and surprises in recent months are different JacquelineAmong them is the Daily Emmy Awards for Best Actress in the Drama Series. The actress determines this moment as well "Fantastic Surprise". However, before going to the award, an interpreter Steffy she had to experience some small complications: The rose had ruined the dress and even broke the pet. Then it all went well. "I'm so happy, it's a wonderful moment. Magical", admits Jacqueline. The actress also reveals why they and Elena have chosen the name of Rise for their first child. Going into detail, they chose this name because the child represents them as "a new force, a positive change to the world." better ".

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood does not leave the set Beautiful and her Steffy: "There's so much to do and say"

Magical time for lovely Jacqueline, who nevertheless decides not to leave a set of soap. "I'm beautiful as a family and my Steffy has so much to do and say. As always, heart issues are on the agenda. And you will see that, especially with Liam, things will become very complicated ", anticipates the actress. He feels like a happy woman, also thanks to the presence elan, which defines him as a magnificent father.

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