Tuesday , June 15 2021

Bethesda will update the graphics engine

We know we will have new information on Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield we will have to wait a long time. However, some details are beginning to appear.

In an interview, Todd Howard, from Bethesda, has released some interesting graphics engine statements to be used to realize the two expected titles. Question Howard confirmed that Software House decided to continue using it Creating a motorHowever, he added some more information: "For Fallout 76 we have changed a lot. The game uses a new renderer, a new lighting system, and a new landscape landscape system. For Starfield we will change even more. And for Elder Scrolls VI, waiting for the horizon, there will be further changes. We love our editor. This allows us to create worlds very quickly, and modern know it very well."

These words, although they do not offer specific details, suggest that Creating a motor will be held, but in some ways, updated according to the improvement program that started with the implementation of Fallout 76. The choice, that Bethesda, which may leave a dissatisfaction with the Community. In fact, many moderators have recently turned to the Software House, demanding that a brand new graphics engine be used to create Elder Scrolls VI. That described by Howardhowever, it seems to be a compromise solution that ultimately could meet expectations. Unfortunately, to know, we can not help you wait to get new details about it.

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