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Boeri is alerting quota 100. Di Maio: There is no alarm, it will be done & # 39; – The economy

"I would avoid unnecessary alarm."The Minister of Economic Development intervenes, Luigi Di Maio, the alarm triggered by INPS President Tito Boeri in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

"It is not fair that the president of INPS goes to the politics newspaper (Boeri ed) has already done this with Renzi, has the father-master of the relationship of what is not his, but that is one of the benefits of all"These are the words Claudio Durigon, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Agorai Rai Tre, led by Serena Bortone, President of INPS Boer, according to the note on the transfer.

"Boers reached the wrong level of interlocations, his actions could not satisfy what the government wanted. He wanted to apply a generalized recalculation, so it was the cut for the highest retirement, and then we decided to make another trip"says Durigon ad Agora.

Boeri explains that at "quota 100", "the government has asked us for simulations and we did a lot, which all implies that intensive consumption increases in the early years". In short – adds – in all scenarios from the age of 62 and 38 years of contribution, consumption expands. The idea of ​​a steady and constant amount of up to seven billion a year is not supported at all, but "When I raised the problem, I had only verbal aggression and tried to discredit." Asked about resignation calls, he replies: "If the Prime Minister called me and told me he no longer trusts me, I would not wait another minute, but I can not do it for the twitter."

For the Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, president of INPS Tito Boeri "campaign for months, may cause Minniti to the primary parties of the Democratic Party, answering the question about the words of the president of INPS (with the 100th share of bills not returning), Salvini commented: "I am proud of what the government is doing from the words of fact we are taking the Italians to break the unjust law as Fornero's law and in this economic maneuver come the first billion euros to come out of the cage of this law. "

Minister Luigi Di Maio responds to the criticism of former minister Elsa Fornero, "We'll see how many jobs will be released because of exceeding Forner's quota of 100." Today, newspapers that "do not belong to the 5-star movement" say they will release 62,000 jobs, 40,000 jobs in public administration. "This is the answer," the minister added.

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