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Canada, gynecologist puts pregnant patients (without knowing them)

Bernardo Norman Barwin, a gynecologist from Otto who used his own sperm to allow dozens of pregnant women to be suspended at the Medici order.

The women turned to the gynecologist for his fame as a fertility expert by believing that he was infertile, but the gynecologist in performing his clinical activities ended up using his own seed fluid. It all came to light when a woman, born of Barwin's activities, underwent DNA testing, found that her gynecologist daughter immediately complained and allowed many other people to find out what had happened. Research began in 2016, but birth cases go much earlier, starting in the 1970's, in two Canadian clinics.

At this moment there are 11 children, but it is assumed to be over 50 years old. A eighty-year-old physician from Ottawa was suspended from work and sentenced to $ 10,000 in less than a month.

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