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Carola Rackete: "I had to go into the harbor. I was afraid some migrants could commit suicide »

From our correspondent
LAMPEDUS – "It was not the act of violence. Only disobedience. But I made a mistake. Carola Rackete, commander of Sea Watch 3, who has completed 53 migrant disembarkation operations that began rescue in Libyan waters, is ready to face the legal consequences of her gesture that brought her into a flagrant delication for breaches of the maritime blockade rules. The following day or Tuesday must be submitted for validation. But he was not ready for the charges that fell on it after Sea Guard 3 had put in a guardianship of the Guardia di Finanza, which, in order to protect the dock, ordered alt against an unauthorized landing. At a meeting yesterday, with her attorneys from Alessandra Gamberini, he spoke three hours explaining all his reasons for his gesture. The 31-year-old captain is in custody and can not make statements, but through his attorneys he clarifies the suspicions that many parties put to her behavior. And his defense analysis begins in the reconstruction of the lawyer just from that link that should jeopardize the lives of five financiers who came to him about alt.

Why did not stop at the Guardia di Finanza request?
"That was a mistake."

What an error?
"Just approaching the dock."

Was there no determination not to stop?
"I certainly did not want to hit the Guardia di Finanza patrol boat. He did not intend to threaten anyone. That's why I have already apologized and I repeat: I'm very sad to have done this. "

What was his intent?
"The situation was hopeless, my goal was to just drown exhausted and desperate people, and I was scared.

What are you afraid of?
"We changed our days, even at night, out of fear that someone could throw in the sea, and for those who do not know how to swim, that means suicide, I was afraid of the worst, it was self-inflicted.

To many, it was a violent act. Striking. Is not that so?
"Never, never, nobody ever thinks I wanted to patronize a patrol boat finance."

But it did not stop at alt.
"It was just disobedience. I made a mistake of assessment when approaching the dock.

What did you do to avoid the collision?
"When I entered the harbor, I went to the lower level where she was the first officer to consult with him, but I did not realize that the patrol boat was so close, but I told the port I was coming in.

Why did not he wait for the diplomatic situation and decided to challenge the ban?
"I repeat, self-injury has begun among migrants. I was afraid that it would lead to suicide.

But why did he decide on Friday night?
"When I was called for a test outside the ship, I realized we would not land, I was risking freedom, but I could not continue with the risk of self-improvement, but I tried to warn.

Who is?
"I called in the harbor several times, but no one spoke English." But I said that we were coming. "

Why did you go to Italy, not respecting international co-ordination?
It was forbidden to listen to me. They asked me to return them to Libya. But by law they are people who flee the country in war, the law forbids me to return them there. "

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