Tuesday , July 27 2021

Caserta, the carabiniere wins and kills the train: "He rode the thief"

He died train while hunting the supposed thief, several hundred yards from the train station. That happened Emanuele Real, A 34-year-old deputy brigade at the Carabinieri Operational and Radiocommunication Group CasertaThe military man in civilian clothes did not notice the arrival of trains and was overwhelmed by the Via Ferrarecce, in the very center of the city. It seems that his other colleagues. The carabinieri were married and had two children.

"I am close to a woman and two girls in the brigade and Arma dei Carabinieri, who live this moment of applause and sacrifice, and share all the defense workers," said the Minister's note Elisabetta Trenta, "Prayer and embrace of Emanuele's family and friends and all the police," says Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, Chief of Police Franco Gabrielli expresses "feelings of sympathy and closeness to General Commander Carabiner and his family through the premature death of their cousins".

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