Tuesday , June 15 2021

Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser were waiting for Forlì for a glamorous meeting

Cecilia Rodriguez, sister Belena, and boy Ignazio Moser in Forlì. Model and former cyclists will be guests of "Fabbri" boutinque, in Viale Bologna 140, and the protagonists of the designer's clothing "Gaelle Paris". Appointment is scheduled for Friday afternoon at 5.30 pm. There will also be an aperitif, animated by the Rez Dj console. The meeting's voice will be Gaddo and Amelia. Love between the youngest sisters of Rodriguez and the son of a cycling champion broke out at Big Brother Vipa's house.

Since then they are no longer separated, and several days ago they celebrated their first anniversary. In order to seal the moment, Moser thought that Cezia would be delighted with the surprise of the fairy tale book. The former biker found a room full of balloons and romantic candles. In the center of the room number "1" there was a thousand roses intended to give a woman to life who shared the romantic scene on Instagram with photos and videos.

The two have recently hosted Mauricio Costanzo Show, a program they talked about about their love story, born and raised in the eyes of viewers and followers. The model and the former bicycle, who thanked Grandma Vip, the host wondered how their relationship continued and what they thought about others. "What do I mean about Ignatius? I mean so much, I do not know if this is the right place to say …" Belen's sister replied, "I think he was a wonderful person, I was lucky when I found him." He replies: "I think that's the same thing about her, but I think it's pretty heavy, you can not always be too honey …".

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