compulsory blood donation in the school for adult students

compulsory blood donation in the school for adult students

Probably this is just provocation, "oxymoron" as the interior minister himself called, but the proposal that Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini made today from the "compulsory donation" of blood for adult students has caused serious doubts in the donor world,

"We will work with the Minister of Education at Oxymoron:" voluntary compulsory "donation in schools, because if you catch them in 18, hold them for the next 40 years - said the interior minister in signing a Memorandum of Understanding between the Donor Association - State Police and the Fire Brigade - I started bleeding thanks to my father, who did not give me a scooter for 18 years but brought me to Avis. "

Salvini defined the donation of blood and "the question of national security, because if you do not collect it, buy it, and in other countries there is no strict control in Italy." The minister then reiterated his intention "to ensure that millions of children who can donate to do it - fear of needle - he added - are making people laugh - I have that." The proposal instantly induced the irony of the web with the appearance of hashtags as # The government of Transylvania, while recognizing intentions and volunteers, and the National Blood Center, overseeing the safety of blood products, expressed confusion over the proposal that should be against one of the basics of the Italian blood system, the voluntary donation.

"We want to remember that, thanks to the protocol with the Ministry of Education and the availability of many volunteers, associations are raising awareness in schools, but already from elementary schools - CNS and Civis wrote, donor coordination in the record. Strengthening co-operation with institutions and re-launching the major role of institutions in promoting voluntary, anonymous, responsible and unpaid donations of plasma and blood found our consensus and support.

On the other hand, the hypothesis of compulsory leave is confused, though it was probably just "provocation" during the press conference, which we share as compulsory information and youth training, starting from schools of all levels, to a biological donation. " The need to strengthen the donor park is often confirmed by the associations. According to the latest available data, their number decreases, even if self-sufficiency is guaranteed and is not considered to be in danger.


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