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Covid today in Italy: infections on April 4th. Coronavirus Newsletter and Region Information

Rome, April 4, 2021 – Also expected today for Covid newsletter days Easter 2021 in Italy, with i data their own infection, casualties, tampons and frequency of occurrence Coronavirus nationally and region by region. Yesterday there was a slight decrease in both new cases and the positivity rate. Victims also decreased, as did the drop in hospitalizations due to the increase in the number of cases intensive therapy. In general, timid signs of hope as Italy has been oscillating on the plateau of this third wave of the virus for days.


Italy is celebrating Easter in the red zone, trying to get out of babel rules, permits and prohibitions. But, above all, to dream of reopening, which at the moment seems distant. If we exclude the yellow zone by next month, a little green light could come after April 20, if infections allow. Meanwhile, after the control room on Friday and updating the criteria, a little more hope will shine for the following colors of regions, which take effect on April 13th. It’s possible, but it’s not easy for someone to be able to inspect an orange sooner than expected. Meanwhile, Easter Monday will also be anomalous tomorrow, picnics are forbidden and lunch space at home or in your garden. For those who are late, better inform yourself: here is the list supermarkets open on Easter and Easter Monday. Meanwhile, as always these days, the topic takes center stage vaccines (comparison here). Between delays, lack of doses and possible side effects.

On the foreign front, the data are deaths in the UK: only 10 in the last 24 hours, never so few since September 14, when there were 9. There were 3,423 infections. Yesterday, 58 died, while Friday was 52. The slowdown in registrations for Easter weekend must be taken into account, but the data highlights a good result of the combined vaccination program and restrictions.

Easter and Easter Monday: when you can leave the Municipality

As soon as they are available, we will report updated data here the Ministry of Health about infections, deaths, hospitalized and cured

Numbers by region should be announced after 17:00


Infections in the fall of Veneto: i there are 1185 new cases (yesterday 1,563), 24 deaths (yesterday 32). The current positive results are 37,467. In hospitals, there is an increase in the number of hospitalizations (+29) in the usual wards, where there are 1,938 patients, and a decrease (-5) in intensive care, with 297 beds occupied.

Emilia Romagna

There are 1,700 and new cases in Emilia-Romagna (yesterday 1,789), out of a total of 19,778 swabs performed in the last 24 hours (about 10 thousand less than in the last days). Another 35 victims, including a 40-year-old from Bolognese and several 60-year-olds.

The percentage of new positive results on the number of tampons produced increases from 5.6% to 8.6%. Overall, among the new positives, 708 were already isolated at the time of smear execution, 753 were identified within already known outbreaks. The average age of new positive people today is 41.7 years. There are 674 asymptomatic patients. Among the provinces, Bologna has 403 new cases plus another 22 in the Imola area. They are followed by Modena (302), Reggio Emilia (181), Parma (166), Ravenna (156), Ferrara (132), Cesena (109), Rimini (107), Forlì (98), Piacenza (24). The number of admissions to intensive care is declining: they are 360 ​​(-6 compared to yesterday), and those in other Covid wards are 3,117 (-63).

In a sharp fall and new cases in Piedmont: there are 1,425 (yesterday 2,127), of which 74 after antigen tests, which is equal to 10% of 13,545 performed swabs, of which 7,713 antigens. There are 550 asymptomatic (38.6%). In intensive care, 370 people were hospitalized (+1 compared to yesterday), those in the usual regime were 3,837 (+18 compared to yesterday). There are 29,748 people in home isolation. Unfortunately, another 28 were reported deaths, of which 6 occurred today.


Infections are increasing in Tuscany: 1,626 more than yesterday when there were 1,473 (1,575 confirmed by molecular smear and 51 rapid antigen test). New cases are 0.8% higher than the total number of the previous day. An increase compared to a smaller number of tests performed: 16,389 molecular smears and 8,001 rapid antigen smears, of which 6.7% were positive. Instead, 8,721 individuals (with antigen and / or molecular smear, excluding controls) were tested today, of whom 18.6% were positive. There are currently 29,228 positives today, + 1.8% over yesterday. 1,888 were hospitalized (7 more than yesterday), of which 274 were in intensive care (4 less). They are registering today 26 new deaths: 12 men and 14 women with an average age of 80 years.


In net kalo and new cases in Marche: in the last 24 hours, there are 323 new diagnoses. 17.5%) .Of 323, 11 are in the province of Pesaro Urbino, 87 in the province of Ancona, 63 in the province of Macerata, 30 in the province of Ascola Piceno, 13 in the province of Fermo and 19 outside the region. antigen screening pathway ”(subjected to molecular smear) in 21 positive cases. Positive / tested ratio is 4% “.


Current positive values ​​continue to decline in Umbria: there are 4,541 of them today (86 less than yesterday). However, new infections are increasing, I am 152 years old (compared to 106 yesterday), cured 233 i five victims identified on the last day. The number of hospitalized is also decreasing: there are 352 of them (18 less than yesterday), of which 50 (three less) are in intensive care. The overall positivity rate is only 2.9 percent, and for molecules only 7.05.

The new ones infection in Lazio is 1,523 (yesterday 1,531), compared with 26 victims (yesterday 27) and 802 recovered. The data was announced by regional health adviser, Alessio D’Amato, who announced that today “over 15,000 swabs were performed in Lazio (-655) and over 22,000 antigen swabs for a total of over 37,000 tests”. He adds: “Cases, deaths, hospitalizations and intensive care are decreasing. The ratio of positives and swabs is 9%, but if we take into account antigens, that percentage is 4%. The cases in the city of Rome are high. 700.”

323 new ones were found infections in Sardinia to 4,247 new tests compared to previous data. There is a new death (a total of 1,242). Currently, 257 patients are hospitalized in non-intensive care units (+2), while 41 (+3) patients are in intensive care. 15,258 people were isolated in the house. A total of 30,168 (+55) were cured, while the persons declared clinically cured on the island are currently 12.

I new cases in Abruzzo there are 438 (aged between 5 months and 99 years) compared to 4999 molecular smears and 986 antigen tests. Another 3 died as victims, while 6 new cured leads to the total number of people who defeated Covid at 53,697. In the medical field, there are 585 hospitalized (+12), 69 in intensive care (-2).

New cases (and tampons) are falling Puglia, where they communicate today 1,628 infection (yesterday 2,142) compared with 10,218 tests for Covid-19 infection. Unfortunately, another 15 deaths: 5 in the province of Bari, 3 in the province of Brindisi, 1 in the province of BAT, 1 in the province of Foggia, 4 in the province of Taranto, 1 resident outside the region. Since the start of the ambulance, 1,923,001 tests have been performed, 145,113 patients have been cured, and 51,171 are currently a positive case.

OTHER – U Aosta Valley 61 new Covid cases compared to 705 swabs. Another 40 new cases in Molise, where there are 3 new victims. IN South Tyrol 81 infections and 3 new victims were recorded. IN Basilicata 122 new cases and two deaths.

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