Tuesday , June 15 2021

Di Maio crushed the custody of children shared by Bill Pillon: "So we will not, we will change it"

RIM – "This law is not in approval programs for the next few months because it does not work, we will change it to avoid the consequences you've described." The Deputy Prime Minister says so Luigi Di Maio, which Corrado Formigli interviewed for Ella & # 39; on the Pillon's common custody law. A proposal that opposes many: tomorrow protests against 60 Italian squares, but also within the same institutions. Bill of the North League Senators Simone Pillon in joint custody, there seems to be no supporters.

From the source of the Ministry of Family, it is stated that this is "Senator Pillon's parliamentary initiative: he will follow the parliamentary procedure and is not submitted to the previous opinion of the minister Lorenzo FontanaAs with all legal proposals, it will have the potential to improve and change. "



Joint custody, now square. "Pillon is against women and children"

Less than a month ago, Undersecretary of the Council Presidency with responsibility for equal opportunities and policies, Youth Vincenzo Spadafora, said publicly, "We can not accept Senator Pillon's proposal as it is formulated." Guarantee power for children and adolescents Filomena Albano, who has long been called upon to review the Senate Justice Committee after studying the law on Pillon, explained that "the text presents critical issues, in particular the equal distribution of time the child spent with each parent."

While the parliamentary process of the law is expected "very long", tomorrow will be repeated the request for withdrawal of the law on separation and detention on Wednesdays, processions, public meetings and directors, and the remaining three accounts on the same subject currently being discussed in the Senate "they are threatening to transform separating and nurturing him on a permanent battlefield ".

Organizers ensure that the wave of protest "touches all the regions, from north to southern Italy, from Piemonte to Sicily"; in Rome the appointment is scheduled at 11 am in Piazza Madonna di Loreto, a few steps from Piazza Venezia. The mobilization – they explain – who watch the anti-riot centers, such as DiRe-Women on the Network against Violence, Unions, CGIL, UIL, CISL, USB, Women's Association (the National Association of Volunteers Phone Rosa, Udi) and the third sector, # 39; No less less, and again Arci, Arcigay, Arcidonna, professional associations, citizen's committees were formed ad hoc and child-friendly associations. Everything is united with the ideas suggested by Pillon, rejecting nearly a hundred thousand people who signed the Change.org petition launched by women in the network against violence (D.R. Re.).

For "No less," Bill Pillon "proposes a model of a society based on a patriarchal family and directly attacking self-determination of women." "The announcement of the intention of the Senate of the North League – members and promoters of the parliamentary group Family Life and Freedom – in filing the bill was effective to cancel the divorce institution." If the motion of the Pillon law is adopted – it will be more difficult and expensive to separate and it will be necessary to organize their lives and care for the sons and daughters in accordance with a private legal agreement signed after compulsory family mediation by payment. "

"The two parents, as understood in the bill, still explain the promoters" No less less "- will not promote sharing of care based on parents' options and wishes, but will impose a strict division of time, and girls are not recognized by any choice or right to express and While referring to equality of parental responsibility, the law does not erase the existing imbalances in care, production and reproductive work. The resignation deduction will be abolished: who in a situation of greater economic dependence and poverty – almost always women – will be subject to actual economic uprisings, will be the separation or the way of the release of domestic violence at the expense of increasing uncertainty. "

Cismai, the Coordinator of Child Abuse and Child Abuse Services, inter alia held an informal hearing in the Senate Judiciary on the draft law on joint custody matters in case of marriage. Even President Gloria Soavi exhibited a strong opposition to coordination and warned of the possible serious consequences for a minor's life. "Pillon's approach is a generalist and ends with punishing the complexity of the situation.

It is based on the needs of adults and does not take into account the rights of girls and children, girls and boys. Instead, we must move on the path of juvenile justice rather than withdraw: if a child shows a desire to not meet a parent, the first thing to do is understand why and not think that one of the two parents affects him or worse, that baby is a mint.

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