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Emma Marrone and ovarian cancer, a study: stress among causes of disease

A fan in fear for Emma Marrone, These days, the singer has announced that she is stopping to play music for health reasons. Sudden news that made fans wonder: "What happened to Emma?Rumors of a possible ovarian cancer that, if confirmed, would return for the third time are inevitable.

However, this is a hypothesis that is strongly circulating the internet at the moment. In the past, Emma had to fight the disease twice, even undergoing surgery.

Afterwards, she became a promoter of a youth cancer awareness campaign. He also released a single, the proceeds of which were donated to the Regina Elena National Cancer Institute and the San Gallicano Dermatological Institute in Rome.

But not only that, she also became the face of the Italian Cancer Research Association to help with cancer research. Finally, in 2011, he lent his image to a campaign dedicated to cancer prevention by the National Cancer Association, a non-governmental organization active in the field of free home social and health care for cancer patients.

Now, by posting on social media, Emma is back in care. That the tumor has returned? The announcement is that Emma these days, who has literally frozen the net: "As of Monday, I have to stop facing a health problem, I personally tell you to convince you and not to create unnecessary alarms, ”he wrote.

A lot of solidarity among colleagues and friends, not just simple fans, is among them Maria De Filippi who wrote to her via social media: "Never fear anything because you are very strong."

A common disease among women with ovarian cancer, according to a study published by Cancer research, would cause it mostly stress.

A factor that increases the chances of developing this type of cancer. But other factors are involved in initiating this type of pathology. For example, age, ovarian cancer can occur in menopause, in people between 50 and 69 years old.

And again, early premature menstruation or menopause manifested late or onwards by the fact that there are no children. Over 5,000 women contract ovarian cancer a year.

Swollen belly. aerofagia and a frequent need to urinate are the three main symptoms. Alarm bells that women should keep in mind to initiate the necessary checks.

also a feeling of satiety on an empty stomach can help you understand that something is probably wrong. Finally, a gynecologist's annual visit may be a valid tool preventionor early diagnosis.

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