Monday , July 26 2021

Engaged Giulia De Lellis and Irama? What ex says about him

Engaged Giulia De Lellis and Irama? Well 3 ex appear to say yours

Some pictures are posted on the web Giulia De Lellis at night with Irama in positions that are quite intimate. Within a few hours, a few ex-Instagrams appeared to say their own: things to do with any episodes & # 39; quite & # 39;Ex on the beach". Between them Nicole Vergani, former competitor Amy in the same season Irame, who left this message. See:

"Sooner or later, false and incoherent … An interested person denied everything, because of the sky, well, he was engaged, so he had to negate everything …"Says the girl on her Instagram stories.

At that moment he was engaged in the Irama Giulia Tascione, but Nicole announced Trash Italiano "I'm not saying we were engaged anyway for two months there was much intimacy, with much "as soon as I come out, we are together and close my relationship", PS. Only then did I find that I was a lover".

(Giulia Tascione)

also Giulia Tascione he said his on Instagram (and then deleted the story):

But here it does not end … The dancer is also coming Ana Yanirsa, who also participated in the video hit 'Irama & # 39; Black & # 39 ;, writing on Instagram'After all, it was between us … this is what you are, good!", And then always reveal Trash Italiano"This was my awakening to see this picture with her when she was still my boyfriend for five months together, what we obviously do not now, because I absolutely do not want to be part of this very funny situation. "

(Ana Yanirsa)

Will the other ex occur?

(Instagram video)

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