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F1: Vettel-Leclerc, Ferrari picks a solid line


Combined mess of Vettel and Leclerc in Brazil, Ferrari has not yet digested that in order to eliminate the rivalry between the two, it is ready for new internal rules and consequent sanctions.

According to Corriere della Sera on Tuesday Binotto he will meet with Louis Camilleri in Ferrari to draw a precise line to avoid other awkward situations.

The goal is reduce aggression in favor of protecting the machines, rankings and interests of the team. Otherwise, they could actually be triggered sanctions, monetary and disciplinary, with some implications for the priorities of the following offerings.

Leclerc wanted a hard already after the race paragraph by the team according to Vettel. The outcome is delayed, but the relationship of the two pilots is certainly his the lowest time.

At the end of the race, Binotto announced one exemplary punishment, which he is prepared to implement: "Pilots were able to compete freely with each other. Manufacturers of the second place have, in some ways, guaranteed themselves, fighting for their place in the driver classification. But these are small mistakes that are paid for as a picture, as team, with all the work you do, which is not good, in certain situations you need to give a strong signal to drivers, I believe we will".

"I have not seen the video yet," said the team director, "I do not want to do it today so that I do not make the wrong conclusions. It is important before the judgment that they apologize team. When we tried to give stable orders, we were criticized, now that we leave them free to fight, we will criticize anyway … ".

The list of misunderstandings and misunderstandings is a long one, but one higher strength Given similar situations, Cavallino will be particularly useful in the new year, relying on a competitive car for the title.

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