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for Freccero is his "mistake" on Grill flop

New attack a Fabio FazioThis time, however, this is a "middle-row" attack, hidden, hidden in the explanation that director Rai2, Carlo Freccero, has motivated a flop in terms of share (just 4.3 percent) for returning to Beppe Grille's public television.

"I expected to achieve at least 5.8 percent," explains Freccero before announcing a long list of reasons that led to a negative result. And there he goes back to the cross What time is it, "Error programming mistake".

The first handicap to put rods in the toes a There's Grillo is given "from the time of departure": founder M5s appeared on screens at 21.06 "and was covered up to 21:40 by" Striscia la notizia "on Canale 5". External factor, therefore.

And here we are on "wrong programming": There's Grillo finished at 23.35 hours, the choice "dictated by the need to suspend the transfer in time so as not to disturb the beginning What a long time ago Fabio Fazio on Rai1 ".

This is a "real problem", according to Freewapy: "Co-ordination of the Palimpsest" that "always damages us". Because in the mind of the Freccia Beppe Grillo can (and should) go up to 1 hour. "And in this case we would have a share of 6 to 7 percent," but Marcello Ciannamea, director of the Rai Schedule, "he explains in an Leninist manner and has a censorship position towards me and thinking only of Rai1."

Here is an internal RAI for RAI that is so much spoken in the corridors. And the goal is always to: look for a real excuse to remove the "problem" of Fabia Fazia.

To support his thesis, defended Beppe Grillo and convinced the League and Movimento 5 stars to repress the accelerator accelerator "Freccero brings the case Poor homeland.

"I wanted to do it on Wednesday," Agi explained, "instead it was decided that it should be broadcast on Friday to avoid Vespi's damage. The same speech with special emphasis on Virginia Raffaele I wanted to broadcast after Sanrem on February 11 , but they prevent me from going against new episodes of Montalban. "

We're back on the flop There's GrilloFreccero then explains that one of the reasons for the negative result was also the interview of Luigi Di Maia in the "Fourth Republic" on Network4, which received more than 6.1% of shares. "Certainly there was no foreseeable unbelievable success of Nicola Porra on Medias, which hosted Di Maio and who scored 9% points."

That would, according to Freccerou, showed no coordination between me and the M5s, otherwise I would ask Porra to call Di Maio another day. In my opinion, he took 3 points for sharing.

Last Handicap of There's Grillo according to Freccero boycott announced by the opposition, even if there is a suspicion of real effectiveness: "I would say it was a bit dejected in terms of listening." Then he adds, "It was a failure and unmovable, but failure on television helps to be more rational."

"When you lose, do not make a sacrifice," adds "and analyzes the mistakes making them treasure for the future." As for the resignation requested by RAI member Michele Anzaldi, Freccero once again responds to Fabia Fazia for example: "I do not think about it, because if it is true that we have lost 40 thousand euros for Cello Grillo, I do not think there has been a great industrial damage … it costs as much coffee as Fazio. "

Deputy Pd Michele Anzaldi intervened in a case that fought against Freccero: "He still insists on evidence of an unjustified mistake with which he spent not only public money but also the public's wealth and advertising revenue: with the flop of Grill, he threw a wind time slot in which Luca and Paolo began to press the News Strike, which is not, as he says, a "defeat to think about." This is an inevitable catastrophe. "

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