Wednesday , May 12 2021

From GPs vaccine for carers • Newsrimini •

The vaccination campaign in Ausl Romagna continues. IN Easter In Ausl Romagna, 3858 doses were administered (Ravenna 1515; Rimini 1,239; Forlì 636; Cesena 468). With the vaccination of school staff amounting to 15,635 on 1 April (outside the province 728; 5,400 Ravenna; 2584 Forlì; 2867 Cesena and 4056 in Rimini) General practitioners will also be operational to administer the vaccine to cohabitants / carers of severely disabled people.

With regard to cohabitation and carers who are entitled to receive the vaccine from their GP, it should be noted that these are persons who provide continuous free or contractual assistance to severely disabled people (physical, sensory, intellectual, mental disorders) identified in accordance with Law 104/1992, Article 3 paragraph 3.

As of Tuesday, they will be able to report their availability for vaccination to their GP by downloading a self-certificate confirming their status from the Ausl Romagna website.

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