Monday , April 19 2021

Galaxy F, folding smartphone Samsung / Will will be shown for SDC 2018?

Galaxy F it could be new folding smartphone from Samsung. Great expectations among lovers high technology for the forthcoming November 7-8, when the SDC 2018 will be held. It is likely that during the event, a new mobile device will also be displayed in all its features. Since the appearance of smart phones, we have not seen folding devices in the previous generation of mobile phones. Meanwhile, on Samsunga's Facebook page, a pretty clear picture is displayed, showing the company logo in two parts as if it were a wallet, a choice that immediately conceived the new model. By the end of October we have already seen on Twitter the writing Samsung has made at 180 degrees. We certainly face an inappropriate turn that could open the way for new models for other brands.

Galaxy F, Samsung's folding smartphone: Apple frowned?

Great news started by Samsung with Galaxy F folding smartphone is that apple they seem to be ridiculed. The apple company has not yet decided to take over the field with this size revolution and remain firmly in line with its standards, while the South Korean company is ready to change the rhythm and decided to risk it. Certainly, a proposal with a folding smartphone is a choice that involves dangers, with the possibility that you also see problems with a potential failure. The company has shown that it has the courage and wants to put it into play to destabilize the situation that has lived up to this moment too low compared to the others who lived a few years ago. Apple could decide, after assessing what happened to the contestant, to stand in some way or the way.

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