Wednesday , June 23 2021

Gas Meters, Noi Consumers ready for class action after Iene. Talk, you pay more

To protect consumers from abuses affecting gas counters, the NoiConsumatori association is directly involved in the field and is ready to launch a class action to cope with the recent problem of fake gas meters causing an avalanche protests by victims. At the center of the issue is that someone has to pay for what is spent and not what is needed, because in this case the meter works even when it does not use gas. In short, we can not ignore the concept that we have to pay based on actual gas consumption.

No Consumers ready for class action

That is why No Consumers, through the mouth of the association's leader, attorney Angelo Pisani, intend to pursue a class action action to demand justice and protection in the supply. But what was the last straw? This aspect can be found in circumstances recently condemned in an episode of the famous television show "The Hyenas", that the gas meter works equally even in the absence of actual consumption as the gas technician testifies to the camera.

This means that the total amount that comes into your account includes probably additional costs, which, however, do not testify about the actual spending consumed. The indignation was strongly condemned by the Noiconsumatori, an association that is trying to launch a class action. The technician who interviewed Hajanas showed that the gas meter disconnected from the gas grid showed real consumption that was never recorded. Obviously, all this translates into the possibility that there are companies in Italy that bill and bill monthly gas bills that have never been registered or inflated. Therefore, it would be detrimental to consumers in all respects if the failure of digital meters was known by companies that did nothing to resolve the problem at the time.

This is where incredible avalanche reports and letters come from all over Italy, including the Le Iene editorial board and consumer associations. In order to defend one of these associations, more specifically, Noi Consumers intends, as the leader, the lawyer, Angelo Pisani, to create a class action to get justice and stop this illegal practice.

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