Saturday , January 23 2021

Gattuso: "We are not looking for alibi and controversy, Juventus is clearly stronger"

Gennaro Gattuso, Milan coach, intervened at the end of the match against Juventus (0-2 final score). Here's his words for Sky Sports microphones:

How to comment on a yellow defect on Benati?

"We do not look for alibi and controversy, we play against much stronger teams, and we do not look for any kind of outrage."

Are feelings of absence felt?

"We are not talking about who is missing, we are playing against a team built to win, we buy a 90th anniversary every year. It's not a coincidence that we are dealing with every season." We were in the game, I did not see the team that broke us. We saw the difference on the physical level, but that was good, the differences were different, the team did what they were supposed to do, and we had speed and physicality. "

How did Higuain silence instead of Kessié?

"There is freedom of choice, the stubs are Suso, Kessié, Higuain and Çalhanoğlu. We do not create controversy, it feels good, it was good Szczesny."

But this is another mistake from Higuain's disc.

"But he also made Kessie wrong during last season, and now it's easy to poke Pipit, I'm sorry to apologize for the referee's position, he needs to be better controlled, he has a lot of weight on his back, Former team Sometimes emotions thrill you in football but you have to control yourself ".

Can you do it?

"It is not only the strongest team in Italy, but together with Barcelona and Manchester City they are the most up-to-date team, they have a great mentality, we stayed in the game to the end, but I never felt like I was injured. to reject it ".

It is difficult to block Pjanica.

"If you are facing a risk opponent, Castillejo could not doubled." Abate worried about Ronaldo, we had luck at Matuidi: he made many entries, but he was not served. "

Miss Suso and Çalhanoğlu are missing. Did it happen to change your attitude?

"We won a couple of balls before the second goal, Higuain had a volleyball ball, we were not great, Hakan Çalhanoğlu has a steep pace that can not be hit, but it's a pain, but we know that. this time we are not able to face this team. "

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