Hacker attack on courts, state: "Change password Pec"

The big hacker attack hit about 3,000 subjects, both public and private, in Italy. More than 30,000 injured domains, and about 500,000 mailboxes are involved, out of which 98,000 belonged to public administration.
The act persuaded the courts, with the revocation of Pec magistrates' personal data and consequently the blocking of appellate courts throughout the country, but also included the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Interior and Defense Economy and Economic Development. Roberto Baldoni, deputy director of the Department for Information Security Responsibility for Cyber ​​Security, invited all involved people to change the password for accessing the mailbox.

"The situation now under control"

Now, Roberto Baldoni explained, the situation is "under control", but what has happened shows that "as soon as possible take adequate measures to raise the Internet defense." The hacker's goal - by which the postal police would investigate - would be the provider of Certified Email Services (PEC) Telecom of Pomezia (Rome).

Hacker attack

On 12 November, the company noticed and blocked the service as a precautionary measure. The day after the incident, he was informed by the National Center for Critical Infrastructure Critical Infrastructure, reported by Cyber ​​Security Unit, established in Dis. On November 14th, given the importance of this episode, the President of the Council, Giuseppe Conte, was informed that he called a technical meeting that was held today in Disi, the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Security of the Republic (CISR) for further study.

"Change passwords"

At the end of the meeting, Baldoni held a press conference on the one hand to convince the adopted restriction operations: "The situation is under control, restoration of functionality is still ongoing. Passwords for access to the Peci must be changed, but this must be done individually"; on the other hand, signaled the need to "strengthen the defense system" and is not a technological problem, but legislative and contractual issues are more important. "In the meantime, the police investigation into the attack continues:" Whoever came, wanted to take certain things " speaking to Baldoni, who spoke of the "not extremely sophisticated" attack.

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