Sunday , June 20 2021

He invested 15-year-old at a station in Parabiagou, tilt the railroad until the night

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The train hit a 15-year-old boy and lost his life at Parabiago Station. It happened around it on Tuesday, November 20th at 7 pm and the authorities are trying to reconstruct the dynamics of this tragedy.

It was on the spot shortly after even a 13-year-old boy who had a disease after what happened. There were two ambulances, self-service, firefighters, carabinieri and railway police.

Investigators try to understand what happened before the impact of a young man with a train which left him no escape. Research goes in all directions: accidents, lethality, but also the hypothesis that it might have been a very dangerous game that the boy worked with some of his friends.

To allow all rescue and investigation activities, Trenord has announced that trains will have to suffer severe delays, change of route or cancellation. After three hours of the incident, passengers on trains left only late at night were blocked.

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