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High Pressure With Heat: What to do to avoid the risk

high blood pressure is one of the most important cardiovascular risk factors. With summer heat, may be uncomfortable for management.

Actually, in the summer, we often have frequent jobs changes in pressure valuesIn general, during the summer months the pressure increases above all at night.

Fortunately, there are several tips to resolve this situation and avoid physical problems. First of all, it is necessary to preserve the quality of sleep and avoid abusing the air conditioner (even during the day).

If you really can not resist the heat, according to Humanitarian experts, you should hold the system at 26 ° C.

As far as vacation choice is concerned, it must be borne in mind that, in the case of high blood pressure, there is no contraindication for MountainIn the absence of heart disease, decide for one between 1000 and 1500 meters does not include criticism.

If you decide to vacation on the beach, that's important avoid spending too much time in the sun especially in the hottest hours of the day,

It is necessary to remember the possibility of implementing during the holidays the devices connected to the way of life that allow you to to prevent high blood pressure and to improve heart health.

You can start with a better care of food and, for example, reducing salt intake, For the taste of summer meals – eg healthy salads – you can use spices, starting with oregano.

The choice can be very useful slim waist, The summer period is perhaps the best way to engage in this regard.

You can swim. jogging, but also dedicate itself to the long walks on the coast or in the mountains.

It is advisable to wear in the last two cases light cotton clothingavoiding clothing made of synthetic fibers.

If you walk on the shore, it is better to wear a hat. Moreover, if you suffer varicose veins you should not expose your feet to the sun.

Back to the food tips dedicated to those who want to control hypertension during the summer, it is good to remember the importance of reducing the intake of alcohol.

a glass of wine Every drink a little with friends and family during the summer dinner is fine (grape polyphenols are excellent for the protection of the arteries), but you should not exceed 2 per meal.

In cases whenhypertension Diabetes, it's important not to overdo it with the intake of particularly sweet fruit (eg grapes, plums, apricots).

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