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Horoscope week 12-18 November 2018


Communication Week, the one coming for Aries, ready to show an excellent conversation in every situation of life. This mouse will be very useful in love, solve a recent quarrel, even if romance still requires training. Interesting career news could be on the job.


The next week marks the beginning of more relaxed periods for i bull, though small daily hitches may remain. Improves interaction with your partner, but the most intimate and physical context of your relationship may not be satisfactory. In the workplace, in the meantime, the project may be a slow but effective return.


Some are too horizons for this week Gemini, Love is still passionate and very stimulating, especially on the romantic side of the relationship: the ability to achieve good intimacy with a partner is high. The working environment is more boring, with the problems of communicating with colleagues and delaying the project.


Seven days of ups and downs for those who were born cancer, driven by opposing forces. There is no lack of energy, but the ambitious field can be confused, both on the romantic side of the relationship and in pure physical. Living in the office requires more concentration, especially in terms of communication among colleagues, but there is room for a good project.


The little news coming for Lion this week, even if the stars are still imposing average caution. Love is a romantic, but not a passionate, fact that could cause some complaints from partners. The working front is extremely interesting, with the possibility of introducing a new and satisfying project.


A week without too much trouble, but without big news, comes for a birthday Virgin, Love is somewhat confused, perhaps not overly passionate, so it is necessary to improve communication with your partner. At work, meanwhile, it is desirable to review some recent projects: there are better ways to achieve them.


Seven very interesting days, and with some new surprises, those who come for LibraThe Love Field remains very romantic and passionate, given the possibility of experimenting with new fantasies with a partner. Meanwhile, the professional side guarantees the possibility of exploring new and happy areas.


There is certainly no lack of energy this week Scorpio, but it will still be necessary to pay attention to some vague areas. Love could be less satisfying than usual, especially on the physical front, even if some news could come close to the weekend. On the other hand, it is time to harvest the fruits of what was sown last year.


Seven happy days await those born in Sagittarius, which has been included in this week with renewed optimism. Amorous field is very naughty, perhaps too unbalanced on the physical front, but good communication capability allows overcoming any difficulties. On the other hand, in the professional field, there might be some remarkable career news.


A great rationality is characterized by a week Capricorn, ready to thoroughly assess each situation before action. The love sphere is not overly satisfying, but you can still use a good relationship with your partner. However, it is time for the profession to expect too much from colleagues and superiors.


Sand is still high for the new week Aquarius, ready to face every day's head of questions. Love is certainly very passionate and naughty, but will not miss a bit of romance to strengthen your relationship with your partner. In the workplace, in the meantime, spaces could be opened for new professional opportunities.


Seven days of preparation, those who come for Fish, given the energy load that will come close to next weekend. Love still requires little dedication, especially on the most romantic side of the relationship, without the exaggerated demands of the partner. Meanwhile, it is better to avoid overworked discussions at work with your associates.

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