Tuesday , June 15 2021

If this "X Factor 12" has little enthusiasm

Just ten minutes from the beginning of the broadcast, and now in his third live on Sky Unou, four judges X factor 12 but they had fallen into the chair, his eyes were tense and hard. It seems this year is not fun Mara Maionchi, Fedez, Lodo and Manuel AgnelliOkay, on the one hand, it is undeniable: this is a creepy birth, raised in the shadow of "scandals" Asia Srebrna and his replacement, which show after the show is trying to recover from his absence but still quite "weird and hard".

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Asia Argento: "X Factor: The biggest injustice suffered, Iodine I am ashamed of it"

But the story of Asia can not be turned into one alibi for boredom, If the emission (yet) does not go away, "guilt" can not be the one missing, but inevitably those who remain. Especially at the counter, this year seems to lack energy, enthusiasm, somewhat "intricate". Mara Maionchi too reads and (sor) laughs a bit. Agnelli is less sharp, Fedez participates and not. Initially, the problem seemed to be Lodo and his "lodorre", but the boy soon learned to stay in time, but this did not improve the rhythm of the show. And the damage is because elements and resources are not lacking: boys are good, in some cases very good, fun choreography, competent judges. They just need to restore a bit of vitality, get separated from the letter, which now all of them all right, now perfidious and evil, now all against Guinness, now that they really liked Guenzi.

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"X Factor 12": Without Asian Argento, (already) sos group

From this third living – whose performance is commented one at a time in the gallery above – in the end we will just remember a little diatribe on Emanuele Bertelli (who still came to the vote, Tilt was eliminated) and, above all, on the repertoire Anastasio, which according to Manuela should adapt the blankets less to his style and become more involved. At 11.18 PM Manuel and María fly around (I say "You say what you believe and we love to want"), then we end up with "I love you". The real discussion between Fedez and Agnelli arrives in StraFactor, And you do not understand why before. View the gallery above with comments on the boys' performances >>

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"X Factor 12", Red Bricks Foundation: "We, Not Resembling Maneskin"

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"X Factor 12": Marco Anastasio, a repertour of wonders

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