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In the risk of a grill, precautions to avoid dangerous cooking

Leisure time and outdoor dining, barbecue is a tradition, but you have to be careful. In fact, when you make a barbecue the cooking of meat can cause the creation of carcinogenic substances: remember it American Cancer Research Institute, according to which, with some precautionary measures, it is possible to reduce the risks.

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"Several studies have shown that a diet rich in red meat and processed products increases the risk of colon cancer – explains Alice Bender, senior director of the Institute's nutrition program – and meat grilling, white and red, at high temperatures creates high carcinogenic substances", The first expert advice is to grill different types of food, not just red meat, but also white meat, fish and vegetables. Even marinade, continues decalog, helps reduce risk. Exchanging meat and vegetables on the rhizome, experts are still warning, reducing the area exposed to flames and is therefore healthier.

Herbs and spices, number four, are very useful because they contain antioxidants. Tip Number Five is to limit smoke exposure, while number six cleans well grids to remove residual residues that have the highest concentration of carcinogen. Another trick is to reduce cooking time. Plate number eight is to choose charcoal from hardwood, which burns at lower temperatures. Leaner meat should also be selected, or remove fat. Finally, meat must often rotate, which reduces the risk.

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