"Italians are at risk"

"What we see is an increasing danger to the Italian economy and the future of the company." Several hours after the arrival of an EU letter opening an excessive debt offense, Silvio Berlusconi gathers the Forze Italia staff at Palazzo Grazioli to share the Italian accounts with the top of the party.

"Not only does every prospect of growth, and thus the fall in unemployment goes further, but the distrust of international investors is attracting capital and exposing us speculative maneuvers," says Cavaliere,Europe That is why it is to be taken with a doctor who affirms the disease. The doctor may be more or less sympathetic, but the illness has been inoculated in the already low Italian economy with a meaningless government spending policy. The only truly restorative action, like the fall in taxes through flat taxes, vanished from the government's agenda. "The former prime minister repeats that he is not worried about the opinion of Europe when investors, "who have already expressed fiercely about the green-green government's economic policy, and this will cause further reasons of distrust towards Italy from European rejection."

Then return to the attack government and the majority that "can not continue to manage the country". "Signals at the parliamentary level confirm the signing of a power agreement between the League and the Cinque Stelle is now deeply worn out," Berlusconi said, "We hope and believe that the moment will come when we can give the Italian government of competent personalities the center right, the expression of the Italian majority based on the results of the March 4 elections. We will not stop working to vote for another Italy, the serious and productive Italy that is concerned about irresponsible gambling on the skin of the company, workers, savers. "

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