Monday , April 19 2021

King of the Smooth Raoul hospitalized in Cesena

Raoul Casadei, King of the Smooth, from yesterday afternoon, Tuesday, March 2, was hospitalized at Bufalini Hospital in Cesena for Covid. It says “Resto del Carlino.” Apart from him, other relatives of the “Romagna dynasty” were also infected. Raoul lives with his wife Pina and children in an “enclosed space” (a place in Villamarini di Cesenatico where Raoul and his wife Pina live with their children Carolina with their partner Raffaele; Mirko and their partner Sabrina, with children Asia and Kim; Denis, a companion to Asia and their two daughters Noah and Adele; Mirna with her partner Mirca and son Manuel) from Cesenatico.

Raoul “is fine,” says his daughter Carolina, the orchestra’s director led by his brother Mirko, to the newspaper – and our biggest concern was when we noticed on the oximeter that the saturation was weak. Taking into account his 83-year-old life on August 15, doctors who returned home for a lung ultrasound and saw he had pneumonia advised us to hospitalize him. He was convinced, but strong as he is, the lion’s temper – the musician’s daughter concludes – he entered the clinic alone, with his legs, without a stretcher, because he did not suffer from breathlessness “.

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