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La Grillo expels the convention of the guru diet

La Grillo excludes the convention
gurua diet

guru from Life 120. Adriano Panzironi, today brings together its followers Palace of Sport EUR, a Rome, Promises to bring at least 5,000 people from all over Italy (with a program consisting of conferences, tastings, fitness), while the Ministry of Health oversees. Among the audience will be our Carabinieri: there is always a hypothesis about the ban on selling products, given that the promises Panzironi risk a dangerous invasion in the field of medicine. On the other hand, the Communications Authority (Agcom) has already been fined (264 thousand euros) because the TV channel has spread "advertising information that can be harmful health". Again: there is an objection from the Roman Medical Association for the Abuse of the Medical profession and the suspension from the Order of the Journalist Laura.

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"An unforgettable event, one must not miss" promises a page Facebook, Again: "A historic day that will change the cure … forever!" Bum. "Man can live up to 120 years" provides a place for face-to-face journalists, today omnipresent on digital terrestrial television Adriano Panzironi, recognizable by dense hair on Document "Return to the Future". It sells accessories and a book that combines lifestyle, nutrition and physical activity. They serve to overcome the illness, according to testimonies that are broadcast on a single release, followed by self explanatory explanation that says it always maintains a relationship with doctors (even if it is sometimes explained that "modern medicine has failed"). Say: the initiative in Bologna, here is a former truck driver who says Panzironi that he had the pain back thanks to his suggestions; a housewife claiming to overcome depression; middle-aged gentleman who no longer has reflux. Shoot a lot hard (and, better, much better, contact physicians rather than reporter Panzironi). Video testimonies are also widespread online and have already been fueled by the concerns of the health minister, Giulia Grillo.

One day he joked: "In Italy, we celebrate scientists like Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo Galilei, but we still believe in wizards and wizards. At this point, everything is possible, even if the next minister of health You want trademarks". When we are already talking about it Panzironi, but also a non-vax initiative Grillo "These are the phenomena that need to be understood, such as endurance, and this leads us to wonder why society has undermined today what it should be a legacy for defense at all costs, or a scientific method." The Italian Society for Diabetes (Sid) has called on people with diabetes not to abandon therapy: "We will report this course of disinformation and false news that can seriously endanger human health."

President of the National Federation of Medical Surgeons and Dentists (Fnomceo), Filippo Anelli: "The protection of the health of citizens by the state also goes through untrained use of information: that is why we immediately reported the event Life120 Living, scheduled in Rome, to the competent bodies. Medical science can not be used to support false hope. You can not play with human health, especially if it leads to abandoning the illusion that follows the illusion ".
Panzironi on Facebook allows people to know that today they will spend hours on Eur: it starts at 10 o'clock (registration is required and entry is free) but he will meet with "People of Life 120" at 23.30. He will also sign copies of his books. A list of "Angel of Life 120" will be founded, volunteers who will be able to meet privately with Panzeriani. And knowing "new projects in defense of life 120". What does that mean?

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