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Lazio Marseille: Live news and odds, Strootman's case (Europa League)

It is clear that Kevin Strootman is one of the most prominent stars in the field today at the Olympics, and Rudi Garcia has included the name of the former Roma player in the list for probable formations from Lazio MarseilleToday, however, the Dutch central government sees only the center of attention not only because of its former ex-or because of its sports merit, but also because of the fierce conflict in the French warder's department. According to local sources, Marseille seems to be ready to explode: the lack of results seemed to further boost the controversy already dating between some players and the same technician, accused of being too "friendly" over the same Strootamn (which also receives much depends on it more). According to L & # 39; Equipe, it seems that Thauvin and Payet com also Luis Gustavo accuse Radu Garcia of favorism and lack of proper attention: the allegations are tough and combining the bar of negative results we are increasingly understanding why the coach as the same Strootman today are specially protagonists like a dressing room. What extraordinary performance of the Dutch can stop rumors?


Looking carefully at the moves of two coaches for probably appearing in Lazio Marseille we can see that among the first ballots that open before the beginning of the whistle, it also appears between the poles. In fact, with the hosts at Olimpić, we remember that until now Inzaghi always wanted the Proto for the cup matches, which is today submitted. However, just a few days ago, in the third round and the first match against Marseille, Strakosha took the pitch from the first minute and also interrupted the game by recovering from the French. Similar situation for Marseille Rudi Garcia: Even the Olympique technician usually sent Pelè on luck, but in the last game we saw the owner of Mandande between posts. The number of shirt 30 could still be considered today with regard to the odds in the pair today at Olimpić: yet it should be said that for the time the goalkeeper does not score large numbers with respect to the three goals so far in Europe.


Today, the Europa League match will take place between Lazio and Marseille: kick-off already set for 18.55 hours, the fourth day of the second club tournament on the continent. Even at this time of the competition we understand why the challenge at Olimpico today is so hot: two technicians have not left anything for the case when making probably appearing in Lazio Marseille tonight. These three points are actually very decisive and if the Biancocelesti wants to punish the French again after a few days' success, they will not be less convinced that there will be people from Rudi Garcia, who want to buy a little honorable, and this challenges the stability of the former Giallorossi coach.


Waiting for a detailed knowledge of two coaches for possible Lazio-Marseille components, let's consider the prediction of the match Europa League, which seems to be widely smile on the Biancocelesti team. Because of that quotes snai for 1 × 2 we see that the success of the Inzaghi team got 1.70, against the highest 4.25 sets for the French win, with the same values ​​of 4.25.


For the domestic challenge of the Europa League Inzaghi should not deviate from the usual 3-5-2, where they will make small traffic, which often happens during the cup. You should see here Proto between the poles in front of him trio in defense with Luis Felipe, Acerbi and Wallace, but not forgetting that the bench is also Radu and Bastos. Instead, instead, there were more ballots in media 5 where Badelj and Lucas Leiva should not be present. Here it will be Cataldi Parol is set next to Milicovic Savac in the middle: on the sides, instead, Marusic and Caceres are standing for a jersey but do not forget that Durmsiti, Patric, Lulić and Lukak are available to the technician. And ahead of Inzaghi will be forced to choose: The property looks stable in the field since the first minute, but it is a struggle between Caicedo and Correa (he rejected disqualification) to support him as the holder of the Olympics.
Although it is a temptation to move on 4-3-3 what is seen in the league is so much, today Rudi Garcia needs to focus again 4-2-3-1 the classic we have seen so far on the occasion of the European League. So here at Olimpić, French technicians will bet on the carrier between the posts Mandanda, with a central pair in front of Ramija and Calete Carr, and Sarr and Amav will act on bands, which will lead to a certain form of defense traffic. We still find in the media Strootman sure in the initial grid: paired with former Giallorossi will not miss Luis Gustavo (already the owner of the league), while captain Marseille Payet will act on the trocar. Also in the attack we recall that alternative solutions in the French dressing room are not lacking: they should, however, be Thauvin and Ocampos to act externally Germain's first advice although this is the first step in Mitrogl's race.


LAZIO (3-5-1-1): 24 Proto; 3 Luiz Felipe, 33 Acerbi, 13 Wallace; 77 Marusic, 16 Parolo, 32 Cataldi, 21 Milinkovic, 22 Caceres; 11 Correa; 17 Real Estate. All.Inzaghi
MARSEILLE (4-2-3-1): 30 Mandanda; 17 Sarr, 23 Branches, 15 Caleta-Car, 18 Amavs; 19 Luiz Gustavo, 12 Strootman; 26 Tuvin, 10 Payet, 5 Ocampos; 28 Germain. Everybody, Garcia.

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