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League of Legends and Amnesty of Honor •

For all players League legend that in the just completed season they could not keep the honorable point equal to or greater than the second level: Riot Games it turned out to be beneficial, so do not despair. For those who are not fully acquainted with the system, be honest loL this is a value that moves from level 0 (or unfairly) to 5 (maximum level). This shows how good a player is to winning, but above all to other teammates and opponents.

rebellion determined from the 7th season in which this system was introduced, who finished the season below the initial value (ie 2) would not have access to seasonal awards except that he could not participate in Clash at the end of this season 8However, developers have proved more flexible, deciding to reward those who have not received serious penalties 14-day suspension or spraying cheating or strengthening, giving them the opportunity to redeem them by the beginning of February next year.

Anyone who saw the awards were denied because of the simple limitation of the chat at the end of the season, will show their sportiness and get what they earned with tears and sweat.

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