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LIVE Italy-Canada 1-2, Davis Cup 2019 LIVE. Italy wins twice and hopes! Berrettini / Fognini-Pospisil / Shapovalov 6-2, 3-6, 6-3

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0.08: The day that became difficult ended with a smile. There are spotlights on Canada and the US tomorrow, and on Wednesday Italy returns to the field with the US. Thanks for joining us, good night

0.07: Fognini deciding in the final of the third set with a service and answer! Italy buys part of today's brilliant race against Pospisil and keeps Italy alive, which will have to beat the United States 3-0 and hope to be the best two seconds to reach the quarterfinals

6-3 ITALY IS STILL VIVAAAAAAAAA !!! The match is closed in favor of Azzurri to Berrettini !!! 2-1 for Canada and Italy will now have to do a miracle with the US !!! Need 3-0 on Wednesday

40-30 The First Berrettini !!!!

30-30 Shapovalov Volle

30-15 Shapoval's answer comes !!!

15-15 Pospisil's answer comes out

3-5 BREAK ITALIAAAAA !!! At the right time !!!

15-40 First Pospisil

0-40 Miss Shapovalov !!

0-30 Fognini's oxen !!!

4-3 Still a mistake by Canadians

Advantage Italy. Shapoval's answer comes out


15-40 Winning Response by Pospisil

15-30 Shapoval's wonderful answer, but Fognini's second is not effective

15-15 Berrettini's Straight Down

0-15 goes out to Fognini, now there is also some discouragement in the blue house

3-3 Berrettini's answer comes out

40-0 Shapoval Service

30-0 Berrettini's second-line response

15-0 Ace Shapovalov, of course …

3-2 Fognini's Laughter!

40-30 Shapoval's Front of the Net

30-30 from Fognini volons

30-15 The ribbon extends to Azzurri's hand

15-15 Shapoval's Front of the Net

0-15 Shapoval's Answer

2-2 Berrett's response came out

40-15 Berrettini straight into the net

30-15 Shapoval Will online

15-0 Berrettini straight into the net

2-1 Berrettini's high play closes the third game

40-15 Fognini's Double Offense

40-0 Shapoval's answer is online

30-0 Berrettini hits right back

15-0 Likes to Berrettini's Body

1-1 Berrettini's Internet Response. They have no problem keeping Canadians

40-0 Ace Shapovalov. merciless

30-0 Ace Shapovalov. Not applicable to service

15-0 Pospisil's shot

Shapovalov gives up 1-0, Italy holds service

40-15 Berrettini double offense

40-0 Shapovalov answers

30-0 Pospisil's answer is online

15-0 Shapoval's answer comes out

3-6 Ace Shapovalov. It becomes difficult now because there is an abyss between the two pairs

40-15 Ace Shapovalov

30-15 Berrett's backhand pass is released

15-15 Pospisil kick

0-15 Shapovalov straight out

3-5 The break comes, Fognini did a really bad job in this match, providing both Canadians who didn't need it …

30-40 Incredible misunderstanding of Canadians cheating point on Azzurri. They could hit both of them and hit no one

15-40 Berrettini is there and scores a volley

0-40 Shapoval's shot

0-30 Berrettini Volley goes out

0-15 Fognini forehand out

3-4 Sixteen Backhand Volley

40-0 Passer by Passer

30-0 Berrettini's running back answered

15-0 Shapoval's shot

3-3 Berrettini's service again with internet response. parity

40-30 Berrettini's Service !!!!

30-30 Fognini's book published, attention …

30-15 of Fognini's high oxen

15-15 Online the flip side of a hesitant Berrettini

15-0 Shapoval's answer comes out

2-3 The Will of Pospisil goes to sign this time

40-30 Fognini throws himself at the banner network, but shoots the ox

30-30 Pospisil Network Error Still

30-15 Ace Shapovalov

15-15 Pospisil backs out

15-0 Fognini is the answer online

2-2 Fognini Service !!! Equality again in the second set

40-15 Bene Net Hats

30-15 Fognini's demivolia comes out

30-0 Pospisil's answer is also online

15-0 Shapoval's backhand response goes online

1-2 Berrettini's answer is forward

40-0 Still the service of Pospisil

30-0 Berrettini's online response

15-0 Fognini back to the net

1-1 The Azzurri get out of a difficult situation with the high will of Fognini

40-30 Shapoval's reverse response comes out about Berrettini's comrade

30-30 Berretta Service!

15-30 Fognini closes high volle straight

0-30 Berrettini straight into the net. The Azzurri missed the opportunity

0-15 Stecca Berrettini to Shapoval's nice answer

0-1 Ace Shapovalov

Canada Fognini's advantage is a backhand response

40-40 Shapoval's Front of the Net

40-30 Misunderstanding Azzurri and Shapoval's center back makes sense

30-30 Berrettini's backhand volle online

15-30 The reverse of Shapoval leaves

15-15 Berrettini's online response

0-15 Shapoval's back kick comes out

6-2 THE FIRST SET IS CLOSED! Pospisil's answer is online. Perfect blues!

40-15 Ace of the second Fognini after the Tigers

30-15 Aceeeee Fognini !!!

15-15 Pospisil Online Response

0-15 Fognini double foul

The scoreboard changes to 5-2. Pospisil comes out, but what a blow to Berrettini!

Italy advantage Double offense Pospisil

40-40 Shapovalov is saved in an amazing way online

30-40 Magnificent reply from Fognini di revers

30-30 Fognini's Great Lobby

30-15 Fognini's answer comes out

15-15 Pospisil Service

0-15 Will Pospisila is online

4-2 Fognini's Strike !!! Game six closes

40-15 Fognini is saved online, and Pospisil gives him a nice gift by shooting through the net

30-15 beyond the meter Shapoval's answer

15-15 Straight Pospisila is online

0-15 Fognini's direct vollee exits

3-2 BLOOD FOR AZZURRI COMES! Shapovalov takes off and gives the game to Italy

15-40 Fognini's anomalous backhand volle online

0-40 Pospisil's vols go immediately

0-30 Shapovalov double foul

0-15 Wonderful answer from Fognini

2-2 Bravo Fognini, what a recovery! And Pospisil puts the demivolce on the net

40-30 Shapoval's Response to Berrettini's Body

40-15 A change from the baseline between Fognini and Pospisil pushing backhand

30-15: Berrett's anet can do nothing at Shapoval's answer

30-0 Pospisil's answer is beyond

15-0 Shapovalov comes out straight

1-2 Pospisil Robbery

40-30 Kick into Fognini's body

40-15 Berrett's answer goes

30-15 Shapovalov breaks down the stench

30-0 In Response to Berrettini's Answer

15-0 Fognini is the answer online

1-1 Pospisil's answer is beyond

40-0 Fognini comes in with a right hand volley and closes a spectacular exchange

30-0 First good for Berrettini

0-1 Canada starts well, Berrettini is the answer online

40-0 Pospisil's volley on the right

30-0 Death of Pospisil

15-0 From Fognini's answer

22.29 Shapoval Service

10.29pm: All set to begin. Italy plays all double, it's already a challenge inside or out

22.24: Russia won 7-6 in the first set and led 2-1 with Croatia ahead

10.20pm: Athletes on heating court

10.13pm: It does not seem to count, this two-out duel that will be played at 0-2, but it is a crucial challenge as Italy need a point to continue to hope for qualifications. At this point, it will be crucial to be one of the two best others from the six groups

10.10pm: Couples are in progress at other matches. Belgium, Colombia 1-1 (7-6, 4-6), Croatia and Russia tie-break first set

06.22pm: Fognini and Berrettini on the other hand will be on the field against Pospisil-Shapovalov. No Bolelli

22.05: Shortly before the duel. We are still waiting for players to be used by two coaches. For Italy, Fognini and Bolelli should go to the field

21.41 There will be a double between 30/40 and it's almost taken for granted that Barazzutti relies on Fognini and Bolelli. Let us remember that victory would be crucial to continue our hope of reaching the quarterfinals.

21.40 At 4-3 in the third tie-break, Berrettini made a mistake that probably cost him the game.

Shapovalov defeated Berrettini 7-6, 6-7, 7-6. It was a wonderful match. Canada is already confident of beating Italy in this Davis Cup debut as it was 2-0 after the first two singles. But beware: the double foundation will be in the blue, they will much need a boost of hope in qualifying as the best second.

He beat 5-7 Shapovalov. Berrettini looks for the right side in the counterattack and sets it clear.

Second play for the blue.

5-6 Shapovalov attacks to the right and closes down. Canada match.

5-5 Canadian Exit Service Winner.

5-4 Ace in the center of Rome at 229 km / h.

4-4 Berrettini misses service and volley. He won very well. Everything that needs to be reworked.

4-3 Double FALLOOOOO !!!

Another for Shapovalov.

The next point might be crucial …

3-3 Another solid Shapovalov, comes Rome's answer.

3-2 Shapoval's Backhand Backlog.

Another second to play.

2-2 Berrettini rightly paints the pitch.

Berrettini plays second.

1-2 The slap in flight on the Shapovalov line.

1-1 Great recovery by a return shot by Berrettini arriving at the decisive oxen of the Canadians.

The 0-1 Berrettini moves very poorly, attacks with his hand in the back and misses a volley. A tough mini-break for Shapovalov.

6-6 Winning service, everything will be decided in the tie-break.

40-15 Berrett's desperate defense, Shapovalov is wrong.

40-0 Ace in the middle, unplayed Shapovalov in the shot.

30-0 Another stone from Canada and backhand in open ground.

15-0 Immediately Shapovalov's strong service.

Now Matteo Berrettini will either take away Shapovalov's service or end this match without interruption and with three tiebreaks.

6-5 Outside the backhand, a Canadian is underway.

40-0 Shapoval's defensive response is long.

30-0 Second winner of Riman coming out.

15-0 Ace Berrettini at center.

5-5 Exit Service and Front Line Right. Shapovalov is once again getting ready for the service.

A-40 Nothing, nothing. Another deadly Canadian service.

40-40 Berrettini's excellent response and deadly right to the front line. Parity.

A-40 Needless to say, winning service for Shapovalov.

40-40 Berrettini's answer is short, the Canadian has a nice shot in the net.

40-30 Shapoval's double offense.

40-15 Another mistake by Berrettini, this time from the right.

30-15 Service and right, the answer is blue too short.

15-15 Double foul. Eleventh for Canadians.

15-0 Berrettini defended very well from the penalty area, which was then a serious mistake.

Shapovalov goes on to serve among the whistles of Italian fans … Now it's a bullfight.

5-4 Winning Center Service!

40-0 Martella on the right by Berrettini and forces the Canadian to make a mistake.

30-0 Kiss Berrett's Stoper. What a touch …

15-0 Berrett's Service and Right, the public is unfettered. We are in Davis Cup real time!

4-4 As seconds. The Canadian seems angry. Berrettini has to stay great …

40-15 Other Ace. Shapovalov puts his hand near his ear and seems to want to tell the Italians, "I can't hear you …". Not a good attitude …

30-15 Ace in downtown Canadians.

Shapoval's judge complains about Italian support.

15-15 Berrettini's wonderful answer, which then hurts legally.

15-0 Shapoval's great forward linebacker, ending a comfortable volley.

The constant of this third set does not change: Berrettini struggles to serve, while Shapoval's counter-attack kicks away quickly.

COMING! 4-3!

40-30 Death of Fury by Berrettini. The Canadian almost always responds to stones of 220 mph or more.

30-30 At the back of Berrettini's back, Shapovalov throws him a few inches from the back.

15-30 Berrettini, on the open court, pulls Shapovalov ridiculing him with a defensive lob. A very grave mistake.

15-15 Squeeze the Berrettini line on the right, what a thrill! Shapovalov empties the "falcon's eye."

0-15 Shapovalov answers the line, blue right comes out.

3-3 Winning Service from Canada. Nothing.

40-30 Applause to the right from Berrettini. Crazy line!

40-15 Berrettini's escape response came out. As usual, he doesn't trade Shapoval's punches.

30-15 Service and Law of Canadians.

15-15 What a response from Berrettini, but the demi-volée of the Canadian, is sublime. Sports applause.

0-15 Shapoval's Right is Online. Berrettini now has to fight at every point and give everything.

3-2 ACE IN A VERY IMPORTANT CENTER! Bravissimo Berrettini canceling key break-break!

A-40 Right on the Berrettini Line, Canadian bat.

Another second to play …

40-40 Shapovalov holds the answer on the right, blue right, background error by Canadians. Parity.

30-40 Crazy Conquest Crosses the Shapovals. Breaking the ball that can decide the game.

Not even the first in this game for Berrettini.

30-30 With Roman law, it is free weight. A very sensitive moment …

30-15 Berrettini's spectacular turn at the intersection of lines, Shapovalov recovers, then blue closes the right line.

Do not enter this blue game first.

15-15 Second Intelligent Berrettini, on the line to the right of Canada.

0-15 Hand backhand to blue net.

2-2 Canadian Victory Service. We continue on the edge of balance.

40-30 Solid from the bottom of the blue, Shapovalov is wrong.

40-15 Berrettini's backhand response online.

30-15 Ace downtown.

15-15 On the Line Shapovalov’s turn that didn’t hit well.

0-15 The tape rejects Shapoval's run, Berrettini punishes him on the right.

2-1 The attack of the law and the victorious will of the Romans. There were no breaks in this match.

40-15 Very heavy body tube, 222 km / h.

30-15 Great response from Shapovalov who then sends it right for too long.

15-15 Another solid Berrettina, Canadians respond.

0-15 Berrettini reciprocates the attack on the net.

1-1 First the strong, defensive response of the Blue turns out. We are reminded that in the third set there will be tie-break in case 6-6.

40-30 Great response from Berrettini trying to reopen the game.

40-15 Smash Finish Outside Canadian.

40-0 An aggressive blue response comes out.

30-0 Canadian Ace.

15-0 Crazy run on Shapovalov's line. Let's compare no. 8 and 15 of the world: we see …

1-0 Winning center service. Blue holds at the opening of the partial third.

40-15 Another well-played body, Shapoval's answer comes out.

30-15 Deadly Right on the Canadian Line.

30-0 Ace out of the blue.

15-0 Berrettini is right-handed, Shapoval's mistake from the back.


6-3 SIIIIIIIIIIII !!! THE GAME WAS SEEKING TOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!! Berrettini got endless exchanges! He raised his game level proportionally at a crucial time!

5-3 Ace in the center of Shapovalov who gives up nothing.

5-2 OUT OF THE SHAPOVAL PASSENGER! Blue retains the mini-break advantage! Now two services for Canadians.


3-2 Great Passing Backdrop of the Blue, on the Canadians Valley Network. Now Berrettini has to trust the service!

2-2 Shapovalov immediately punishes him with a difficult first and unseen backward crossover.

2-1 NOOOOOO !!! Great service for getting out of Berrettini, which then puts a nice slap on the fly! That was already the point! I must forget now!

2-0 Shapoval's misplaced run again, Berrettini's rampant cry loading!

1-0 Berrettini's beautiful response at center, very deep. It forces Shapovalov to make a mistake.

6-6 We are going for a tie-break, another winning rhythm. Now Berrettini has to master to try to lead this match to the third.

40-0 Body service, blue well.

30-0 Ace to exit Berrettini.

15-0 A very difficult exchange, Shapovalov misses the easiest shot.

Matteo Berrettini will now serve to stay in the match. Tie-break goal for the blue.

5-6 Berrettini posts legal answer online.

40-15 Shapovalov goes to the net and closes himself with oxen in law.

30-15 Service to the body, the back portion of the blue is displayed.

15-15 It is immediately redeemed with a great first and comfortable snack.

0-15 Double Canadian offense. That's the tenth.

5-5 Winning center service.

40-15 Heavy Roman Law, on the Shapovalov Reverse Network.

30-15 Right on the Crazy Roman Fan, the Canadian responds very well.

15-15 Shapovalov defends everything and forces Berrettini to make a mistake.

15-0 Return from Canadian backs.

4-5 Berrettini does everything right and then misses his voles right.

40-30 Outside Berrettini's Lodge, the Canadian returned to serve good.

30-30 The Right to Defend Berrettini Comes Breathless but Demi-Volée Canadian.

15-30 Another double phallus, but let's not fool ourselves. The Canadian knows how to redeem himself with the ace sound, as he has already shown.

15-15 Double foul.

15-0 Service and Law of Canadians.

4-4 Shapoval's answer comes out clearly.

40-15 Volée of the Blue striker, who came into the net on the right.

30-15 First strongly in the center of Rome.

15-15 Handsome right halfway through the Berrettini network. Blue is always fighting in his fights in this second set.

15-0 Canadians' answer comes in a whisper.

3-4 Another kick to the body. In fact, on Shapoval's service, he doesn't play.

40-15 As a Canadian who successfully uses a hawk's eye.

30-15 Shapovalov misses a comfortable right side.

30-0 Hit the body and back to sign with the field open.

Canada's 15-0 winning service which, on the contrary, gives the Romans almost nothing.

3-3 Shapoval's backhand splint, which doesn't easily give points to the blue, almost always responds to first serve.

40-30 Reverse Caps is a key moment in the game.

30-30 Powerful service and short signature ball out of the blue.

15-30 The Long Exchange, the first one to fail, is Canadian, one of the very rare gifts of the evening. Shapovalov responds impressively.

0-30 Shapovalov doing very poorly backwards, Berrettini is still right.

0-15 Bad Law Mistake by Berrettini. Warning …

2-3 The service and fall of Shapovalov, who plays like a champion in delicate moments.

Canadian A-40 Ace.

40-40 Shapovalov's open field is slammed on Berrettini, who taunts him with a lob! Steam 40-0.

40-30 Canadian Law in the Hallway.

40-15 Shapovalov double offense.

40-0 jump into the backhand at the intersection of lines. The Canadian is getting excited.

30-0 Great pass and Shapoval's winning backhand volley.

15-0 Continue Shapovalov Hammers. Here is the key to the match.

2-2 Good service, Berrettini avoids risks in a game that gets complicated.

40-30 Double Error. Berrettini does everything …

40-15 Ace in Center.

30-15 Winning Outbound Service for Berrettini.

15-15 Blue sticks are fully erect.

15-0 Berrett's Body Service.

1-2 Profit Center Service. Berrettini needs a real feat tonight to break this match.

40-15 A beautiful answer by Berrettini, but an even better turn by Shapovalov.

30-15 In the corridor to the right to cross Canada.

30-0 Berrettini tries to get out of the exchange and put right on the front line online. The Canadian man fascinates with one hand.

15-0 Berrettini is entitled to the internet.

1-1 Italian Winning Service.

40-0 A short ball from Roman, Shapovalov arrives there, the blue closes with a volley of volley.

30-0 Berrett's hammers on the right and then closes with a half-field shot.

15-0 Berrettini Service and Law.

0-1 As a Canadian.

40-15 Double Error.

40-0 Shapoval's impressive front line right.

30-0 Berrettini stopping a shot into the net.

15-0 Shapoval's great bar and the stench of good and bad weather with service.

Shapoval's first set won 7-6. How much he complains about Italy today, thinking about Fognini's previous match.

5-7 Berrettini attacks from the right, adding Shapovalov and stopping the volley of Roman ending the net.

5-6 CRAZY DOUBLE DO IT! The third default, now on the Berrettini line.

4-6 A good response from the Romans to Canadian law, which has another task at hand.

3-6 Another mistake by Berrettini's law, which compromises the first part. Three default values ​​for Canadians.

3-5 Large diagonal back of Canadians, Berrettini is drawn to the right. The Canadian is playing better exchanges elsewhere.

3-4 Berrettini's answer is shortened, Shapoval's long-standing right win.

3-3 Shapoval plays on the lines and forces Berrettini to make mistakes after a strenuous defense. There was no mini-break in this tie-break.

3-2 Ace downtown Berrettini.

2-2 Ace get out of Rome.

1-2 Shapovalov's attack, Berrettini throws into the net of passers-by, which is not impossible. The Canadian serves very well.

1-1 Shapovalov's great shot put Berrettini back in the net.

1-0 Free for Shapovalov.

6-6 Let's go for a tie-break, Berrettini does not contain the acceleration of the opponent's right.

40-0 Service and Law of Canadians. Tripping.

30-0 Shapoval's backhand attack and winning volley. The tie is approaching.

15-0 Canadians Victory Service.

6-5 OTHER AKE IN THE CENTER! The novel still saves itself from a very sensitive situation!

A-40 Ace in downtown Berrettini.

40-40 Shapoval's backhand came out, Berrettini was on the defensive.

30-40 With the field fully open, Berrettini places it in the right corridor. Break the ball.

30-30 Passante di Shapovalov, Berrettini's Volley Online.

30-15 Shapovalov saves everything, Berrettini manages to get a point right along the line.

15-15 Great right of Berrettini removing the Canadian.

0-15 Shapovalov very much resists Berrettini's right side, then changes the inertia of the exchange and moves to the right of the transition.

5-5 Canadians Cancellation Service, which has canceled three default values. Now Berrettini must immediately forget this great missed opportunity.

A-40 Another gift from Berrettini, the legal answer is clearly emerging.

40-40 Backwards Berrettini ends a long, very serious mistake for the Blues, who miss the third set set.

40-A With Canadian law.

40-40 As Shapovalov. Nothing for Berrettini at two defaults.

40-A Canadian law is online. New default value.

40-40 Shapovalov's second hallucination, which then goes with the right-of-way signature.

30-40 DOUBLE DO IT! Set-point.

30-30 Canadian Robbery, Sensitive Situation.

15-30 WHO DOGS BERRETTINS! The Canadian Volley ends online.

15-15 Berrettini's aggressive backhand response, too long.

0-15 A double Canadian offense, begins as Berrettini started the previous game.

5-4 Free Shapoval error. Bravo Berrettini, what a mental strength! He canceled two more interruptions.

Berrettini's right to wave A-40, Shapoval's back back ends in the hall.

40-40 Canadians and Berrettini's second soft and difficult answer puts them in the right net. Parity.

A-40 Good second, Shapovalov's turn online.

40-40 WHAT A GIFT! Berrettini short ball, Shapovalov gets there, but knocks her out! A very serious mistake by a Canadian.

30-40 Ace at the intersection of blue lines. Another break ball.

15-40 Berrettini goes into the net, Shapovalov knocks him out with a passing pass. Two break balls.

15-30 The attack from behind Riman's back comes out.

15-15 Immediately redeems a strong first that no opponent contains.

0-15 Berrettini starts with a serious double foul.

4-4 Another Berrettini Legal Error. Shapovalov keeps his movements very easy.

40-0 Continued Canadian Service Winning.

30-0 Good response from Berrettini, who then catches his right back into the net.

15-0 Shapovalov ace.

4-3 A spectacular net exchange, Berrettino wins with cat reflexes!

40-15 Free mistake of law for a Canadian, ball in the hall.

30-15 Schiaffo in flight by Berrettini, Shapoval's inverted passer is out of breath.

15-15 Service and Berrettini's Right to Cross.

0-15 Berrettini's right appears clearly.

3-3 Winning Service, the moment of Shapovalov's difficulty lasted very little.

40-30 aces of a Canadian who discovers a complicated undershirt.

30-30 Extraordinary Demi-Volle Shapovalova, What a Class.

15-30 Another Shapovalov double foul, second in a row!

15-15 Double Canadians offense.

15-0 Shapovalov continues to serve very well, Berrettini finds no countermeasures in response.

3-2 First get out of Berrettini, who is coming back ahead. There were no interruptions, Roman was below 0-40 to 1-1.

40-15 The Great Volleys of Shapovalov. Very high level.

40-0 GREAT POINT! Berrettini arrives there with a short Canadian ball. Shapoval's Lob, blue, back to the net, hits his racket with his feet! The road is growing and the Canadian misses the stench!

30-0 Ace outside Rome.

15-0 Incredible Berrettini Exit Service.

2-2 Shapovalov ace. It's very difficult, but we knew it.

40-15 Canadian Conquest Service.

30-15 Great backhand response from Berrettini, then Shapovalov throws the backhand into the net.

30-0 Continue serving the Canadian well, the exchange does not begin.

15-0 Well before Shapovalov, Berrettini's online response.

2-1 Berrettini, and with the first saved Roman, who canceled three break balls!

Advantage to Berrettina, still a nice first on the outside

40-40, 2nd parity: Look for Shapoval's depth, Berrett's forehand online

Berrettini advantage, great first center of the blue

40-40 And the third break ball goes away as well, and Shapovalov sends back

30-40 Shapoval's Break Ball: The Canadians' answer comes out

15-40 Two Shapoval interruptions: ace Berrettini

0-40 Three Points Shapovalov: Berrettini remains pinned to the back of the net

0-30 Straight ahead of Berrettini from an uncomfortable position

0-15 Falco Rescues Shapovalov on Berrettini First, Bouncing the ACA on the Blue, then the Canadian exploits a Roman drop into the net to throw a big passer straight into the race

1-1 Nice from the center of Shapovalov which is printed in the bottom line

40-15 Reverse Shapoval Service Stopping Online

40-0 Shapovalov's first winner

30-0 Berrettini's great response to Shapoval's second, but the backhand he wanted to get closer to the net doesn't go over the tape

15-0 Second Shapovalov Charging

1-0 Berrettini, the first ace for the Romans

40-0 Great solution straight in withdrawal from Berrettini service

30-0 Takes a goal and closes Berrett's point

15-0 First Outside Berrettini

At Berrettini

18.44: Bench players, you start!

6.43pm: We are also looking at ongoing matches: in Croatia and Russia Borna Coric and Karen Khachanov are at 4-4, while surprisingly, in Belgium-Colombia, David Goffin suffers against Daniel Elahi Galan: 3-6 1-1.

18.39: Matteo Berrettini and Denis Shapovalov are now on the field, ready to play warm-up dribble on another important pitch inside Madrid's Caja Magica.

18.38: Let's see what happened in the other matches: in Belgium-Colombia Steve Darcis clearly beat Santiago Giraldo 6-3 6-2, while in Russia and Croatia Andrey Rublev defeated 6-3 6-3 Borna Gojo, replacing Marin Cilic .

18.33: C'è un solo precedents Apr Berrettini e Shapovalov, ed è datato 2018: a San Pietroburgo vinse il canadese, al secondo turno, per 7-6 (6) 4-6 6-0.

6.30pm: Berrettini, dunque, ha una grande responsabilità.

18.27: Questa superficie, in teoria, aveutara Berrettini nel servizio.

18.24: Berrettini finishes puntare sul suo scherma servizio-dritto per mettere and difficoltà le giocate mancine di Shapovalov.

6.20pm: Sarà un match molto difficile per Berrettini, finishing the Shapovalov affront and una grande condizione, come dimostra la finale raggiunta nel 1000 di Parigi-Bercy e la vittoria a Stoccolma.

Ora tocca a Berrettini contro Shapovalov e l'azzurro deve assolutamente vincere

The term qui! Fognini perde il primo incontro di questa Coppa Davis 2019 contro Pospisil: 6-7 (5) 5-7 lo score per il canadese. Fognini deludente e situazione di vantaggio per il Canada.

40-15 Stecca il dritto Fognini is due to match point per il canadese.

30-15 Altro ace centrale del canadese.

15-15 Ace esterno di Pospisil.

0-15 Perde il primo punto il canadese, con il dritto.

C'è il break! Fognini affossa il suo dritto in rete e ora

30-40 Altro servizio centrale per il ligure, resta però un'altra palla break.

15-40 Annulla la prima palla break con la prima di servizio esterna.

0-40 Tre palle break per Pospisil! Grande attacco in controtempo del canadese e ora Fognini deve fare un miracolo.

0-30 Altro errore con il rovescio di Fognini, attenzione!

0-15 Colpisce male il dritto Fognini, spedisce lontano il suo colpo.

Ace di Pospisil is a 5-5 nel 2 ° set. Fognini andrà ora and battuta.

40-15 Servizio ester ben giocato dal canadese e due palle del 5-5 nel 2 ° set.

30-15 Servizio dritto per Pospisil che gioca molto bene sul doppio colpo.

15-15 Buona la prima al centro del canadese ed out la risposta di Fognini.

0-15 In rete il rovescio di Pospisil nello scambio da fondo.

Buona prima al centro di Fognini e 5-4 in suo favore nel 2° set. Ora il canadese andrà a servire per rimanere nel parziale.

40-15 Il nastro devia out il dritto di Fognini.

40-0 Splendido rovescio incrociato di Fognini sull’attacco di Pospisil.

30-0 Lunga la risposta con il dritto di Pospisil.

15-0 Ottimo dritto in cross di Fognini da destra.

Ace al centro di Pospisil e 4-4 nel 2° set. ora c’è il momento cruciale del parziale. Fognini in battuta.

40-15 Out il dritto di Fognini ancora una volta e due palle per il 4-4 nel 2° set.

30-15 Servizio in slice di Pospisil e in rete la risposta di Fognini.

15-15 Dritto in rete di Fabio, che spreca una grande chance sullo scambio prolungato.

0-15 Doppio fallo di Pospisil.

A zero Fognini tiene il servizio e si porta sul 4-3 nel secondo set. Ora sarà il canadese, che ha vinto il primo parziale, ad andare a servire. Non ci sono stati break nella seconda frazione.

40-0 Ace centrale di Fabio.

30-0 Ottima l’accelerazione di rovescio di Fognini con il lungolinea.

15-0 Out la risposta di rovescio di Pospisil.

3-3 nel secondo set, rovescio in rete di Fognini e altro game negativo. Il ligure va al servizio.

40-0 Prima al centro di Pospisil e lunga la risposta di Fognini.

30-0 Altro errore di Fabio che soffre anche da fondo in questo secondo set.

15-0 Rovescio in back in rete di Fognini, un po’ pigro in questo caso con i piedi.

Ace di Fabio che, con meno patemi, tiene il servizio e va sul 3-2 nel secondo set. Il canadese ora andrà alla battuta.

40-15 Grande profondità con il rovescio per Fognini e out il dritto di Pospisil.

30-0 Ottima prima al centro di Fognini e niente da fare con il rovescio per Pospisil.

15-0 Good first in the Ligurian cut and the shot put by Pospisil online.

2-2 in the second set, Pospisil's body service and Fognini's meaningless response. Blue will serve.

40-30 Do not hold on to Fognina in response to the first slice of Pospisil.

30-30 Canadians double offense.

30-15 Another first in the center of Pospisil that continues with a hammer.

15-15 Great game in Pospisil's network and nothing to do.

0-15 An excellent short ball by Fognini who surprised Pospisil.

He solved Fognini's serve and volley and led 2-1 in the 2nd set, but not without suffering. Pospisil goes to serve.

Fognini is a slice service that puts Pospisil in trouble and advantage.

40-40 Passante from Pospisil in an online match that the Blue did not play well.

Vantaggio Fognini, still heavy ahead over Liguria and another 2-1 in the 2nd set.

40-40 Fognini's Double Offense.

Vantaggio Fognini, a direct Canadian, but always seems to have the initiative.

40-40 Straight in Pospisil's network which seems to have different speeds in the exchange.

Advantage Posil, Fognini cannot control Canadians from foreh.

40-40 Excellent back Pospisil that also rises from the bottom.

Fognini preference, a bit of a long backhand response from Canadians.

40-40 Pospisil's short ball, again, Fognini far behind.

40-30 Great first in the middle of Fognini and a 2-1 ball in the 2nd set.

30-30 Good attack by Fognini's anomalous forehand.

15-30 Lost control by reverse Fognini.

15-15 Fognini cut straight.

15-0 Outside the Canadian crossover straight Pospisil always forcing.

Great play in Pospisil’s net, on the line, and 1-1 in the second set. Fognini for serving.

40-30 Service Pospisil slice and does not affect the Fognini on the front well.

30-30 Fognini's second aggressive striker on the right side of the field Pospisila.

30-15 Great forehand attack for Fognini and Canadians late.

30-0 Strongly outbid the Canadian and kicks Fognini's defensive response.

15-0 Smash played Pospisil great in the middle midfield.

1-0 for Fognini who started well in the 2nd set, now Pospisil goes to service.

40-15 Pospisil straight cross always trying to please.

30-15 With the direction of Pospisil in extended exchange.

15-15 Short ball played well by the Canadian, also because Fognini plays too far.

15-0 Prescriptions Pospisil is stopped by tape.

Fognini opens the second set for the service.

Fognini returned to the net and gave Pospisil a 7-6 (5) first set. So much regret for Ligurian.

5-6 Outside Pospisil, but the Canadian can close the first set. Warning!

4-6 An excellent crossover reversed by Pospisil that surprises Fognini and two defaults for him.

4-5 Nice this time Fognini's forehand response played on Pospisil's wrong net. Blue will now serve.

3-5 Answer Fognini's answer that is not impossible for Canadians right now …

3-4 Good first in downtown Fognini, but the Canadian is ahead and will have two services.

2-4 Fognini plays too short, and Pospisil takes advantage of that, sinking punches and finding a new mini-break.

2-3 Restore a mini-vacation in Fognini to a good direct answer. But now Ligurian must absolutely get two points for the service.

1-3 Other Fognini backlinks that are in trouble.

1-2 Mini break advantage for Pospisil, wrong wrong from Ligure.

1-1 First to Fognini and the mistake of the Canadians.

0-1 Extremely deep crossover Pospisila and excellent mesh closure. Fognini at your service.

Backhand is completely wrong on the Canadian side and that’s why we go for the tie-break.

40-15 Straight magnificent Ligura line and two 6-6 balls.

30-15 Great straight ahead of Fognini.

15-15 "back" answer on the Pospisil line.

15-0 Pospisil's attacking attack comes out, which as always forces an exchange.

Pospisil saves himself by canceling three break points and scoring a goal. 6-5 for him in the 1st set and Fognini will serve to stay in the stretch.

An advantage, a deep attack by Canadians and nothing against Fabio.

40-40 Fognini's great answer from the front of the forehead in the second place of Pospisil.

Pospisil advantage that still finds a great first place in the middle.

40-40 NOOO! A bad mistake by Fognini with a turnaround on the other side of Pospisil.

30-40 Another central first and nothing for Fognini.

15-40 outside ace Pospisila.

0-40 DOUBLE DO IT! The net betrays a Canadian and three break opportunities for Fognini.

0-30 Still in a long exchange, Pospisil reverses.

0-15 With the direction of Pospisil still outweighing this blow.

Amazing Fognini with forehand swinging and 5-5 in the first set. Now the Canadian will serve.

40-30 Very good Fognini to reach the net and with a counterbalance ball brings home a point.

30-30 Answer on the line headed by Pospisil.

30-15 Still too long for Pospisil, who is trying to get rid of the exchange.

15-15 Fognini's forehand ends, due to an unlucky streak.

15-0 Wrong backhand Pospisil still in the exchange.

Pospisil's deep right holding the serve and going 5-4 in the 1st set. Blue will be used to stay in partial.

40-30 Pospisil Slice Service and Fognini's Cross Straight.

30-30 You still run straight to Pospisil about Fognini's deep attack.

30-15 Pospisila Central Ace.

15-15 A wide crossed plain of the Pospisil that does not take a long exchange.

15-0 Pospisil keeps a close eye on the net despite Fognini's excellent passer.

Fabio keeps on the line, excellent backcourt play and Pospisil trench in the net. 4-4 in the 1st set and Pospisil goes to serve.

40-0 In the maneuver, once again Pospisil sends straight.

30-0 Ace at Fognini Center.

15-0 Another misconception by Pospisil not finding the size of the hit.

Pospisil's return is gone and there is a counterattack! Canada lead 4-3 in the first set, but Fognini can even pay the bill.

30-40 Rischia Pospisil on another, finding a line and discovering Fognini's answer.

15-40 Fognini's spectacular overlapping backhand shines brightly. Two balls of counterattack.

15-30 Fognini straight cross not too much in the field in this exchange.

0-30 Straight still in the Pospisila network, to Fognini's unanswered response.

0-15 Bravo Fognini in the exchange network from close range and with the backhand play finds a good corner.

Pospisil's long straight attack and 4-2 for the Canadian in this first set to serve.

40-15 The fourth double foul by Fognini, who really does too much.

40-0 Fonder's excellent backcourt, and Pospisil has nothing to do.

30-0 Pospisil's net backlog struggling to the bottom.

15-0 Straight online in response to Pospisil.

Great shot by Pospisil, who holds the serve and brings the score to 4-1 in this first set. Fognini will go serve.

Network advantage, great play in Pospisil's net and Fognini's passer is just coming out.

40-40 Fabio's aggressive response runs away and Pospisil doesn't find the ball well.

40-30 As for going out to Pospisil and a 4-1 ball to Canada in this first set.

30-30 Another gift of Pospisil firing his forehead outwards.

30-15 Pull out the Fognini reverse loop.

15-15 Straighten Pospisil completely, which is exaggerated.

15-0 Another Good First Service Canada and Direct Dog Network.

The return from Fognini and the break comes at 5 p.m. 3-1 to Pospisil, Canadian on service.

15-40 Another Fognini double offense that was hastily executed. Pospisil break.

15-30 Fognini's Second Double Error.

15-15 Good first for Fognini's external service and from the direction of Pospisil.

0-15 Meeting Response Pospisila very well settled.

Excellent service to Pospisil's body, with Fognini's back. Canada lead 2-1 in this 1st set, Fognini will go to service.

40-15 Bravo Fabio attacks another Pospisil with a second and short ball of superior quality.

40-0 Terzo in a row for Pospisil, with an elusive path.

30-0 Still an ace for Pospisil, who finds the outside line

15-0 center ace Pospisila.

Great game on Fognini's service, a cutter service and nothing for Pospisil, who returns to service.

40-15 A double foul for Fognini who also forces another.

40-0 Very deep straight from Fognini and a picnic area straight from Pospisil.

30-0 Backhand for Pospisil, who tries to take a risk with the Canadian to shorten the trade.

15-0 Great Fognini center fielder and straight into the net for the Canadians.

Very responsive Pospisil to Fognini's direct response and 1-0 to Canada in this first set. Fognini at your service.

40-30 Excellent Fognini Reverse.

40-15 The first center of Pospisil and finds no real Fabio influence.

30-15 Service to the Body of Pospisil, Fabio Nothing.

15-15 Exaggerate with crossed right Pospisill and gift from Canadians.

15-0 service-straight for the Canadian, good first point for him.

16.22: In the service of Pospisil.

4.20pm: Players have completed the warm-up phase and this is about to begin.

4:18 PM: It's not going to be easy, as mentioned, for the Blue, since the fast paced is smiling to Pospisil: a very skilled player in the service.

4.14pm: Fognini and Pospisil play to warm up.

4.11pm: As exciting as ever to hear the Mameli hymn.

16.08: It's time for the anthems.

4.06pm: Teams are lined up after the usual presentations.

4.03pm: These are special moments, Fognini will have to offer a show worthy of the name. He hopes the Ligurian has recovered from his physical problems.

4.00pm: The revolution of this issue for 2019, with the Azzurri looking to be ready.

3.58pm: We will be playing for this 2019 edition of the Davis Cup soon.

3.55pm: Fognini will have to pay attention to the rival slice, which, especially on the right, can make a difference

3.53pm: You play on a fast track and Fognini will have to move well and then absorb the offensive play of Pospisil.

3.51pm: An opening ceremony is underway at Manolo Santana and tensions are rising as Italy debuts.

3.49pm: Calculation of previous ones is at 1-1 between the two, but Fognini should have a bit more in terms of tennis repertoire.

3.47pm: Fognini has a great chance and against the players is not impossible. Auger-Aliassime is out due to ankle problems.

3.45pm: Fognini will make her debut in the first match, with Pospisil. There will be no Pospisila. Berrettini opposed Shapovalov.

15.43: Corrad Barazzutti's national team will rely on Matte Berrettini and Fabio Fognini in singles, while it will be clear what the composition of the doubles will be, which will also depend on the physical resources available. However, Andreas Seppi and Simone Bolelli are ready to get in the game without forgetting Lorenzo Sonego.

15.41: Players enter Caja Magica in Madrid.

3.40pm: Bel Paese is in the same group of Canadians, exactly, the United States, and the goal is to win the record for entering the quarterfinals without having to convince themselves and be part of the best second.

3.38pm: In fast-paced Madrid, the Azzurri will debut in a new format competition that has sparked so much debate.

3.35pm: Hello and welcome back to LIVE LIVE Italy-Canada, valid match of Group F of the Davis Cup Tennis Finals.

Davis Cup Program (November 18) – Davis Cup Presentation (November 18)

Hello and welcome back LIVE LIVE Italy-Canada, worth the match of Group F of the Davis Cup Tennis Finals, In fast-paced Madrid, the Azzurras will make their debut in a new format competition that has sparked so much debate. Bel Paese is in the same group of Canadians, to be more precise, the United States, and the goal is to win the record in order to reach the quarterfinals without having to contend with the second best.

National team at the helm Corrado Barazzutti they will rely Matteo Berrettini i Fabio Fognini, in the singular, while it will be clarified what the composition of the duplicates will be, which will also depend on the available physical resources. However, Andreas Seppi and Simone Bolelli ready to enter the game, without forgetting Lorenzo Sonego, On the other side of the network, you will have to face a very young Canada, considering left-handers Denis Shapovalov (class & # 39; 99) & since Felix Auger-Aliassime (Class of 2000). These are two very dangerous tennis players, because they have great talent, which was noticed during the season. There could be issues with Auger-Aliassime due to some physical issues that prevented him from attending the last tournaments of the year.

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE from Italy-Canada, is worth the match for Group F any Davis Cup Tennis Finals: Real-time news and constant updates. Starts at 16.00 (Photo by LaPresse).

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