Tuesday , January 19 2021

Lose weight eating … with Equilibrioom

Every diet nutrition actually determines a hormonal response that activates different metabolic pathways, beneficial and not weight loss.
The real combination of three macronutrients: proteins, unsaturated fats and carbohydrates (especially those fruits and vegetables), helps to reduce excess fat and keeps or increases the weight, the main vector, which allows to increase basal metabolism.

That means that with the proposed dietary approach, the tone of the muscle has been preserved, allowing us to utilize its "calorie" function. In fact, even in an inactive state, muscle, by its constitution, catabolizes food and synthesizes energy.

Food can be combined to ensure a hormonal balance that is favorable to weight loss and thus avoid a low calorie diet that does not meet daily energy needs and does not affect the feeling of satiety.

Low calorie diet They allow a good loss of body weight, but often a part of it decides to be a lean mass.
They also cause a reduction in metabolism and also cause the effect of boomerangs: after eating, little tricks, fun, birthdays … it's enough to quickly recover the lost weight.

The success of the proposed approach is obvious with patients who failed to maintain post-calorie diet.
Another reason for this is the "absence" aspect of the desired food and dissatisfaction of those who are hungry, making them a return to the old diet satisfying tastes of buds.
Satisfaction and well being of the proposed diet will protect you from this possibility.

The goal of the course is to provide the patient with permanent nutrition education and easy to apply throughout your life.
It also means learning how to manage additional foods and knowing about choosing from a restaurant menu, enjoying a free evening, but knowing how to relieve the first-rate hormone reaction, carbs of wine or deserts, with the right combination of other macronutrients.

An extraordinary aspect of eating, is that a hormonal reaction to the same food also changes to the rate of metabolism that processes that food.
De-blocking dietary metabolism, as suggested, allows the assimilation of the same dish that would have made us fatty beforehand.

Not forgetting, however, to maintain the so-called. Nutritional Balance in Everyday Life.

He wrote
Dr. Andrea Zizioli – biological biologist nutritionist
Center for physiotherapy physiotherapy

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