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Men and Women / Ilaria Teolis from Temptation Island new throne? (Classical Throne)

By the time the new edition of the Classic Throne of Men and Women begins, only a few weeks remain and the first rumors about possible thrones are beginning to circulate. After the name Giulia Salemi, participation is possible these days Ilaria Teolis, the girl of the revelation of the latest issue of Temptation Island 2019, Ilaria, one of the most beloved to the public, could sit on the coveted throne of the program in the role of a throne. Yes, after the great disappointment of her fiancé Massimo and the "knowledge" taken with the handsome Argentine Javier, Ilaria would be ready to seek a "new love." Will it really be like this? It is unknown, though currently Ilaria went on vacation with Nunzia and photonics Katia Fanelli. All that's left is to wait for official communication from the program! (updated by Emanuele Ambrosio)


Andrea Zelletta spends a quiet summer under the banner of love Natalia Paragoni and work commitments. In between the days at the beach and the other, in fact, the ex-throner visits Italy, participating in some club nights, and that's exactly what the ex-throne player is about Men and women lost patience by letting go of a sharp exit on Instagram. Andrea should attend a dinner party in recent days, which, however, was missed for reasons he did not discover. Although the evening was canceled, until the very last, a group of people repeated Andrea's presence to fans pretending to be a former throne. "I wanted – these are wordsex tronista men and womento send this message a little to all those who wrote to me regarding the Giardini-Naxos dinner tonight. I will not be there, not of my own volition, absolutely ".


vent by Andre Zelletthe then moved on. Former Thronist from Men and womenhe actually pointed his finger at those who still pretend to be him. "Many write to me – he continued – that I was still on the poster […] but I'm guys in the mountains, you can see that; I will not arrive at Giardini Naxos, I repeat not at my own will, for I would be absolutely glad to be there … I would be absolutely pleased if I were there. I was told there were groups in case some people pretended to write to me that I would be there. But I, guys, I'm not in any group, I don't respond to any group of events … I wanted to tell you that … sorry I wasn't there, but unfortunately, that's the way it is, " the former throne player concluded, showing all his love.


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