Friday , January 22 2021

Night Apnes should not be neglected, here's how to cure them

Ophthalmic Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a widely underrated and widespread pathology characterized by snoring and frequent sleep apnea that causes a decrease in blood oxygen value, short-term causes drowsiness, headaches and decreased attention but causes long-term health damage. This condition was discussed in the first edition of the International Conference on Respiratory Medicine, an international conference that took place in parallel with the XIX. At the National Congress of SIP Pneumology in Lido of Venice.

"Sleep disorders are growing," explains Mario Polverino, director of pneumology at ASL in Salern and head of the International Conference on Respiratory Medicine, but the diagnostic offer is limited: obstructive sleep apnea, affecting about 5% of the population, is undervalued and undiagnosed. "Because of hypoxia, nighttime apnea is a risk factor for cardio-cerebrovascular disease and those who suffer from it have a higher incidence of arrhythmias, heart attacks, hypertension, heart failure, and stroke."

So much so that the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea had important consequences in terms of reducing events such as strokes and strokes. Early diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea is fundamental and Polverino talks about the need for "Marshall's plan to fight this epidemic".

The first thing to do is the polysomnography exam, which can also be done at home. Respiratory movements are measured with the chest straps and belly of the subject; the sensor applied to the finger (called an impulsive oximeter) measures oxygen saturation in the blood, the heartbeat is measured with the electrode and the air volume, snoring and sleeping status of the sleeping subject is measured during the test.

Instead, in the clinic where you stay in the night, "full of polysomnography with EEG electroencephalogram is where apart from the cardiorespiratory monitoring parameters there is cerebral activity during sleep," explains Polverino at the center of respiratory respiratory disturbances during sleep six examinations are performed at night and a thousand is on the waiting list. Moreover, "on the feet, thanks to the muscle activity sensors (EMG), there are pathological movements for sleep or sleep."

The most common men are adult men, though sometimes they may suffer from children, especially with increased tonsils. Encouraging the appearance of sleep apnea is an additional pound and obese and obese people have to lose weight; Other risk factors that are followed are smoking, alcohol consumption, and sleep remedies. Whoever suspects because a powerful diver is not occasionally or because of the warning of the person who sleeps with him about the presence of snorting during which there is no breathing, you must contact the sleeping specialist. Given the complications in the cardio-vascular system, not neglecting sleep apnea would have important economic consequences.

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