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no mega-show in Shanghai. "They destroyed our dream"

With an official statement Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana express their regret at the cancellation of the Shanghai show, to be held today, November 21: "Our dream was to realize an event that was a recognition of China." A statement that will hopefully be able to calm down very disturbing waters, raised by the videos that have been labeled on social days and by Stefan Gabban's vitriol that caused the rise of social media.

The body lifted three films that the designer published in the account a few days ago Weibo iinfatti was virally propagated on the #BoycottDolce cry. And company commentary Stefano Gabbana, the sound of a small "decent" emo, gave a coup, even if the fashion house quickly explained: "The bill was hacked." But now the damage is done, and the Chinese authorities have decided to cancel the show, in agreement with the devious models and the special guests.

In a statement announced by fashion houses, designers say, "It would not be a simple fashion show, but a special event created for love and passion for China and for all the people in the world who love Dolce & Gabbana. What really happened today is really uncomfortable , not only for us, but for all those who worked day and night to revive this project. "And conclude," From the bottom of our hearts, we want to express our gratitude to all those who would share this moment with us. "

These were the hurricane dates for the etiquette, which demonstrated the power of social media and the importance of keeping bills and jobs in a cautious fashion. Because in the network, love can turn into hate pressure.

Everything was ready for the show colossal, during which the fashion house celebrates its DNA with the performance and performance of domestic and international artists in the presence of special guests of international character. The numbers are eloquent: 1500 guests, 500 dresses and 120 performers.

A spectacular event that advertises on social media with a miracle celebrating love affairs for the country (#D & G LovesChina, #D & GTheGreatShow). Unfortunately, somehow they are "rejected" by three videos, commenting on the rather unpleasant expressions in which the Asian model dressed in a red dress from the label tries to clutter the Italian food with sticks. "Is it too much for you?" Says a man's voice during a movie in which a girl tries to eat Sicilian cannoles.

The videos were considered insulting and labeled as a series of stereotypes, in addition, racist and non-respecting Asian women, in order to trigger strong discussions about Weibou, the bark of Bockyc Dolce. Only 24 hours after the release, videos have been removed from Weibo, but are still visible in the accounts Instagram Dolce & Gabbana and Stefano Gabbana.

Only in the account of Stefano Gabbana in response to controversy appeared comments that broke the jar: "From now on in all the interviews I will do at the international level, I say that China is a country … (they follow a bad emojis)" or " China, ignorant and dirty, smears the mafia. "But the designer and fashion house denied that he was the one who wrote them:" The bill was hacked, "the commentary is.

At this moment the authorities also intervened Culture Office in China he quickly canceled the show. Meanwhile, many super-guests have already given a lump sum: starting with the actress Zhang Ziyi, who also announced that he will never use Dolce & Gabbana products.

Among the disappointments there are still singers Wang Junkai and actors Chen Kun and Li Bingbingwhile modeling agency China Bentley announced that 24 models will no longer participate in the show.

It was too late to make up for it, but the fashion house tried to make a call: "Our Instagram account was hacked, as did Stefano Gabbana, our legal department investigating this, and we are sorry for the unpleasantness created by unauthorized posts. peoples ".

It could not and should not be different, given the importance of this brand country. Huge market, where by the end of 2025 there will be 7.6 million families that will cover the sale of luxury trillion products renminbi.

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