Thursday , March 4 2021

Optical optics, proof of the alliance between Telecom and Open Fiber –

MILAN – After the agreement on the use of telecommunication towers, now open fixtures shake new alliances with the former monopoly of telephony. The draft on which it operates is divided into two parts: in areas of market failure, so-called " White areas or Clusters C and D where Open Fiber is exclusive due to two years ago, Telecom will connect to the cable of a competing group, in these areas or in other countries, even if not market failure, where Telecom already present, General Fiber will avoid scraping from scratch by entering into Telecom's existing infrastructure.

The agreement, which has been limited to this, could be an introduction to other discussions that are not currently on the table. For now, it is necessary to avoid waste and duplicate costly and useless infrastructure.

Again, as we know, there is no agreement yet, but the dialogue is in an advanced stage. What is not discussed in any discussion is the hypothesis of the merger between Open Fiber and Telecom-Flash Fiber, which in the past was assumed as a hypothesis, partly because the question of this kind could only be solved by shareholders. Decline missed while the panel in progress for approving Telecomin's three-year results boosted security by 2% to 0.54 euros (followed by live).

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