Wednesday , January 20 2021

Pan di Stelle against Nutelle, Barilla provokes Ferrero / Latest news: the first recipe rumors

Star Pan against nutella: The conflict between cocoa and hazel Barilla and Ferrero, This is the challenge of a century of sweet tooth. On the one hand is a pie with biscuits and biscuits, on the other hand, is a historical creme. Barilla has decided to hunt for market shares that they have so far considered inaccessible, giving life to all-Italian talent with chocolate flavor. The brand "Mulino Bianco" was chosen for the challenge of "hazelnut", and the name will be reminded of the Pan di Stelle cakes. The packaging will be very similar to Nutelle, and the first rumors say it's very good. But to be able to taste Pan di Stelle, you will have to wait a bit, because the arrival in stores is expected in a few months. We were used to only one cream for cocoa and hazelnuts, at least on the shelves of big traders, instead of the competition for Nutella.


Barilla wants to enter the market of creamy hazelnuts Star Pan, Will this be a kind of homemade cookie concentrate? Similar s nutella, historic cream Ferrero, there is no shortage, starting from appearing online. Recipe details are already circulating on some websites. It seems that the new cream will not be produced with palm oil, it will also have a lower amount of sugar and will contain broken Pan di Stelle biscuits, except for only Italian cocoa and hazelnuts. This cream will be added to products that come from known biscuits such as cakes, snacks, cereals and ice cream. In short, Pan de Stelle does not reject anything. And then it will be a challenge for the last jar: there is already someone who, in every sense, prefers the inevitable competition between the cream of Pan di Stelle and Nutelle. Are you ready to try it to issue your verdict?

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