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Paolo Fox's horoscope for 2019: "The year of truth for many couples"

He did not write that the league and the 5-star would win the election. "I'm not a cashier. I'm doing another job." In any case, politics has nothing to do with it. However, Paolo Fox deserves credit for it: anticipating the return of conservative thought in 2018. In a way it was so. And so it will be in 2019, the astrologer says: "Thanks to Saturn in Jar." That the position of a star can be conditioned by earthly facts, the question is always a matter of debate. Paolo Fox, a very popular TV face (Rai2), a map that will play to demonstrate at least the importance of the horoscope he would have. His books. The last twelve years have been the best sellers. Release 2019 is now in the bookstore. Sign with the sign. Month by month. Fox, the aquarium, 57, began reading star and planet movements at 16 in private television, Tele regioni, "Before I believe it," she says, "I was curious to destroy it, to deny it." Television popularity came with Fabrizio Frizzi, who in 1996 invited her to read the horoscope couples in one of her programs. It's not a psychologist's alternative to therapy or sessions, but the attention of the couple finds a lot of space in the book 2019. It's a horoscope with two, some sort of astral "duality."

"Simple: If the element is in difficulty, it can cripple negativity in relationship." Zodiac problems are one of two risks, which is a serious risk of fracture. "

The book does not do sociological analysis. It marks the way, signals trends. It lists the main characteristics of children's personality that will be born throughout the year. He says they are the best time to go, decide or change in your life. Did they really exist?

"In astrology, leaving is very important, responding to the right activity at the right time, and I've been able to do things at least."

"Four years ago, I bought a car at the wrong time, there were signs, I ignored them, maybe from superstition, I know that sometimes I can handle them, they gave me two years of trouble, and they got stuck at the traffic lights when I was still standing. I bought it if the stars advised not to take it away? I need it. "

What will be the best characters in 2019?

There are tendencies in astrology. 2019 will be the year that favors radical change, breakdowns. So, Sagittarius will certainly be an interesting year, because they are those who do not give up intimidation and throw without thinking twice. Leo is also good, especially on the emotional and family side. The real year for a child to, for example, or to renew a couple. The same goes for fish. They might ask for something similar to the heart: semi-talk, open contract, a legal problem that is under way. "

"The cancer has a problem to solve, and it is good that they are born in a sign of stopping and reflecting." Saturn is in opposition, love can be included. "

Do you still believe that women are more interested in love than men in money and work?

"That. Things have changed at the social level. Obviously. In the horoscope no. I will give an example: women who are burned in love are very sad. Men reappear the profession. "

Do you ask VIP for advice?

"I do not have and do not have a studio. Those with whom I meet in Rai, like Conti, Amadeus, Magalli ask me something, but without exaggeration, not to believe in the horoscope."

Not present on social media.

"I'm avoiding them because I'm on TV. They are different worlds. I believe that presenters in one can not attend the other."

Did your successful colleagues, present like you on television, attended to them?

"Not Absolutely. I'm going my way. "

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