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Pavoletti and Ionita signed the return of Sardinians

Cionek and Ionita in action. ANSA

Cionek and Ionita in action. ANSA

Ends even, 2-2. And that's fine. Nightmare Spal. He took the point after making only three in Rome in seven games, Cagliari confirmed firmly and concretely. And after drawing in Florence and making an outstanding figure at the Juventus stadium, he also emerges from the unknown from Mazza. With the lack of two goals with the usual Pavoletti (a blue and sixth goal), Ionita found the right corner to beat Gomis Sun the beautiful cross of Padoina. But Spal, the Montenegrin, comes out of dissatisfaction. Simple in the second half, after doubling the excellent Antenucci from the first half of Petange (fourth center), Felipe (blocked back) and Vicari (botta) went through the injured defense (Bonifaci and Simić). with the excellent Cionek not holding the influence of Cagliari, which doubled in the moment of the greatest pressure.

The game starts with a few surprises: Simplicity is still changing to the goal, this time it is Gomis' order and he is watching Milinkovic-Savic. Maran does not change the Croatian Srna and Bradarić, but changes the center of defense where Romagna finds a place from Pisacane who sits on the bench. However, the start of the Ferrari missile burning Cagliari in Turin halted the goal after a minute, this time the grain after two and a half. Antenas Lazzari fishing on the right which puts the center where Petagna just in the central part. She hits her head and turns Srne irrelevant. A further fake departure for Cagliari is the fifth in the first 20 and fourth in the first 14. Cagliari nervozni, strike, accuses Barell of having wrongly alerted to protests after the 8th request for VAR on outside contact. After 12, Spal could close it: Fares cross, dismissed by Ceppitelli, but on Petagi who favors, but finds an extraordinary Cragno for the answer. Yellow also for Castra. Maran leaves for 4-4-2 to cover his back full back and Cagliari begins to play, his most contagious possession and Barella fishing Joao Pedro who is worth it. Spal also hit Valdifiori and Felipe. Cagliari could protest for the extremely suspicious JP10-launched weaponry. But still Antenucci fisherman Lazzari again to the right, but outside badly bad.

Return to the terrain with the Cagliari who are burdened and decided to re-compile. It simply seizes Valdifiori and seeks another quality with Kurtica. Padoin fishing Joao Pedro sending. Maran realizes that Bradarić (under the tone) does not play, those who build Barella (best once more) and Castro and take away Croatian, have no time, raise Sau. The shape changes but does not give the reference points, but after two changes the defender doubles with the Antenna, which makes a beautiful movement avoiding the insufficient Srna (pause it uses) and exploiting the cross of the Lazzari scooter. Cagliari has a temper, does not give up, has the courage and two minutes later on the 26th half-time with Pavoletti rising to the sky at the corner of Srne. First shot in the mirror. Spor behind the disorient and Padoin two minutes after fishing Ionita who has time to work properly and win Gomis. Joao Pedro could have tris, but he started off. There is still movement, but less gasoline. Both would like to win, but only the excitement makes Kurt run, and this touches the ball on which Cragno c. Spal ants, Cagliari goes below the curves of their fans to take off their shirt.

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