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Pensions because 100 should be abolished


Born to defeat Forner's reform, this measure is nothing more than a privilege granted to a particular segment of the working class

by Andrea Capussela *

Odds 100: Giallorossi government restilution arrives

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The new government combines continuity and discontinuity, both in the people and in the program. This was inevitable, as the pillar of the coalition was the same as the previous one and could neither completely neglect its work nor its governance. Therefore, I would prefer to look at the discontinuity with government practices that have most affected Italy in recent decades. Necessary to the state, this discontinuity would be beneficial to both the Five Star and the Democratic Party.

Only bold elections can revive these two parties. Elections that mark a clear break with previous practices, which have often neglected the general interest in the well-being of individuals.

These are usually choices that involve a political cost, because the affected categories will react: but it is through open acceptance of these costs that the resulting choice gains credibility, and thus efficiency. For example, it is said that Hernán Cortés conquered the Aztec empire with several hundred people because he sank his ships: it was a reckless expense, because he ruled out any retreat, but imposed on the soldiers an alternative between victory and death or dispersal in unknown lands.

Combating tax evasion is an ideal example of the choices I am talking about.

I would like to talk about the less ambitious, which is not in the government program, but which the coalition is discussing, according to the press: abandonment of "Odds 100". Born for the purpose of overcoming Forner's reform, this measure is nothing more than a privilege granted to a particular segment of the working class, but comparatively favored: «Gift baby boomers males, ”they called it one of the first analyzes. Because they can be withdrawn in advance and without reducing the allowance, beneficiaries will receive preferential treatment over comparable workers: an "gift" estimated by INPS at an average of € 20,000 per head.

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