Wednesday , May 12 2021

Preload available, weight of exclusive PS5 – revealed

Next week PS5 players will finally have a chance to get their hands on it Return, a new exclusive PlayStation 5 made by Housemarque. The game looks very interesting and many fans have probably decided to pre-register at the PS Store. Well, if so, know that preload is already available, i.e. the ability to download the game in advance. Furthermore, of course, preloading allows us to discover the difficulty of the game.

The return weighs about 56 GB on the PS5, at the time of writing this news. obviously the final weight can be changed (probably increasing) after the arrival of patch D1. There is also the possibility that the development team will use the first update to optimize the game and reduce the weight, it is clear, but it is the least likely option among the various.

Reverse: preload available

Reverse: preload available

In any case, the ability to preload ensures that even those with a not-so-superior connection will be able to download Returnal on the PS5 without rushing. The release date (and the activation date of the digital version of the game) is April 30, 2021, we remember you.

Finally, here’s our tried-and-tested review of the PS5 on hold: “We like Returnal, there’s no need to hide it. We like how the character moves, how the game world changes after every failed attempt, how the action runs quietly without ever it doesn’t overlap. like its progress, characterization of weapons, the fact that reinforcements often have negative implications forcing you to make constant choices, and we like the way the protagonist changes based on what she finds on her way. ”

Finally, we point out that Returnal works at 60 FPS in dynamic 4K and beam search, which is the first confirmation.

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